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Last Update: April 20, 2018

There has been a lot of "chatter" over the last few months about the importance of including video content in websites and on social media. I have also noticed that Facebook now appears to accept video as the banner on Facebook fan pages.

Recently I have noticed a large number of marketing emails promoting video creation tools such as Content Samurai, Video Robot, Videze and VidcuratorFX. On doing some research I found, apart from Content Samurai, most were promoted through JVZOO with upto 4 or more upsells which immediately flags with me possible "fluff" and "scammy" content.

During today's wabinar with Jay @magistudios, I saw in the chat box a mention of by Todd @Skydancer1. I signed up for the free option and created this vide in a couple of minutes (click here) which is about my small business. Looks very interesting.

What are members thoughts etc on using video, on experiences with video, tools to create video and application of video?

Thanks for your input in advance.



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jivitajay Premium
Nice Video Geoff, thanks for sharing biteable:)

mnaeem Premium
Nice posts
LouisaB Premium
"The video could not be loaded, because the format is not been supported!"

That's the message I got when I click to view.

Personally, I like the ideas of video making a including them in your market presentation. It really help you keep the viewer on your page or site longer, and it helps to promote your niche or idea
more effectively.

Thank You for sharing It!
grt007 Premium
Thank you for your response. The video works fine for me - I am using Google Chrome on a PC