Doing It Badly

Last Update: September 19, 2017

So I recently quit my premium wealthy affiliate account because I had not been using it. Why, you ask? Because I was afraid. I was afraid of failure. I looked at all those put together websites out there and thought "how the hell am I ever gonna get that good". So I avoided writing on my website for fear of doing it badly.

Well since I canceled my membership I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have come to the conclusion that doing it badly is loads better than not doing it at all. So I will make that my goal. I am going to do it badly. And someday that will turn into doing it well, but until then I cannot let my fear of failure prevent me from trying. I don't know if anyone is gonna read this, but this is more to straighten myself out in my own head anyway.

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@RICH. Premium
If I can do this, anyone can, promise. Here's wishing you every success! :)