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Ok, I have finally added an incentive (free book) to build my list. I would really appreciate it if one or two of you guys (gals) would sign up for the offer so I can test that everything works ok. As always comments and criticisms always welcome! Here's the site: Many thanks Greg Update: Thanks to those that looked at this for me, I think I have it running smoothly now, and after Wayne's advice have unsubscribed everyone that signed up to test this for me! Def
January 26, 2014
Hey gang, been busy busy busy! But getting back to the bootcamp and completing the instructions. This led to my new review of Jaaxy, woop woop. Anyhow, if some of you lovelies could take a look, perhaps leave a comment or hit me with your criticisms I would be most grateful. here's the link:
Hello fellow WA'ers, I wanted to write a quick blog about the virtues of using the JetPack Plugin.... In short there are none! I installed it and it started messing with my site straight away, in that my site could no longer accept comments as the captcha box had disappeared so no one was able to post a comment to my site! I asked about how to fix it on the chat and got this response from @Rich: "@RICH. @GregRobs It's 14-in-1 useless rubbish that puts a massive overhead on your site. Most peopl
September 07, 2013
Hi each, I have with excellent help from Craig, aka Labman, designed my own Header Graphic and would greatly appreciate some feedback from all you pros in here. Novice feedback is of equal importance to me, so if you're feeling generous and can spare me a couple of minutes of your time can you check it out here: Thanks fellow WA'ers
September 07, 2013
Hi everybody, I just wanted to write quickly that I just noticed that I broke the 100 mark in the WA rankings, I'm at 99 woohoo. Ambassadorship here I come. Kyle and Carson, you'd better watch out I'm coming for you! For this I would like to thank everybody who has liked or commented on my posts, comments or discussions. A great big thank you to all of you loverly WA'ers :-)
August 31, 2013
Hi fellow wa'ers, I have had a header designed for me on fivvre and would really like some constructive does it look, is it tacky or cheap...should I try for something else? I'm looking at it and I can't decide... I've had some really bad news regarding my best friend - long story short - he's going to lose his leg... bad accident - On top of that I have jad no sleep in 12 days - diagnosed with resles leg syndrome and i can't concentrate or think straight... comeent suggestion
Hi all, I have written a new page, here it is:, and I had a question... I mostly use istock for my images but have run out of credit with them and can't purchase more until payday! So.... my question to all you lovely experts in here is: Are there any thoughts about using the same images on different pages / posts? I will probably change the image for a new one when I'm able but wanted to make sure I'm not going to get penalised f
Hi fellow WA'ers, I have a question! Nothing new there then! I have been getting subscribers sign up at my website, 79 of them so far! I assume they are signing up via the rss feed ( but am not sure :-0 ), the thing is...what am I supposed to do with them, if anything! All comments and suggestions are very welcome and actively sought! Many thanks Greg
Hi all, I published a new post: 3 days ago and already it is ranking first position on page 2 of the search results for the keyword: best online income opportunities. I am soo chuffed that I had to tell someone hehe. As far as I know it's the first keyword I'm being ranked for but I'm going to go check my others again!
January 22, 2013
Hello all,well I'm back from Ubud in Bali, my parents thoroughly enjoyed their 70th birthdays with the whole family getting together for the first time in for ever. They from Cyprus, my sister and niece from New Zealand, my brother his wife and my nephew from Australia and myself from snowy UK.The Balinese people are just amazingly friendly and absolutely all of them smile at you all the time. Everything is just soooo relaxing. I have taken, as promised, some pictures and have loaded some of