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I just received my first check from Amazon. It was only $139 US but I know the next month is double that and it's steadily increasing.My website is now approaching about 7,000 visits a month and about half of that traffic clicks across to Amazon. It was only back in October '18, about 8 months ago that I was worried about getting my Amazon account cancelled because of no sales. Here's a snapshot of my first few sales.Back then there was less than 20 clicks a day going to Amazon.Compare that to
I've been a Wealthy Affiliate just over one year now, and loving everything about it.The other achievement is becoming certified in the new Comments section after providing 50 comments in one month. I really learned a lot about a whole range of niches. There are some fantastic websites in WA. My WA ranking also jumped from about 2000 up to 300 in the last couple of weeks, I don't know if the comments certification is responsible for that.In that one year my website now has 58 posts, so I have a
I've learned so much already with WA, and have loved everything I've seen. It's almost too good to be true that I've come across this, and what Kyle and Carson have created is something very special. I've asked so many questions, and always got helpful answers, and moved forward. Nathaniell has been a special help to me, thanks so much for being patient. I'm working in the Adventure Motorcycle and Dual Sport dirt bike niche. Hopefully I can link to some great accessory and riding gear affiliate