My Eyes are Not Blue

Last Update: April 02, 2019

But that’s ok.

So many events have combined to show me towards success, let me list some of them.

When I was 12, my Dad took me to Dodger stadium, and told me to be sure to bring my mitt. Watching the Dodger players busy at early practice and warm-ups, my Dad calls out ‘Hey Maury, throw my kid the ball!’

Next thing you know Maury Wills throws me the baseball from his position in center field, and with a ‘smack’ sound, I catch the ball.

Now, the Dodgers colors include Dodger blue.

My Dad’s Ford Fairlane station wagon was powder-blue.

When I was 10, I helpfully painted my Dad’s white VW bug with blue house paint.

( picture deleted to protect the innocent).

See a great trend here?

Oh, I almost forgot, on my wedding day at 19, my new sport coat and slacks were baby blue with 70’s lapels (1974).

The sky is blue, and my favorite color is green, which is a combination of yellow and blue, you see what I mean?

Even though my eyes are brown, I’m not blue.

I see only the possibilities of the existence of ponies in a room full of manure. It has to be there. Logical, as Spock says right?

So when Kyle selects you to be in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge, it’s obviously a blue celebration day and The Dodgers are going to win the World Series this year.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.



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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Congratulations Rick and best wishes as you start your year of change. Blue could be a good omen for you.
greenwealth Premium
Thanks Alex, this is a very motivating challenge, I'm looking forward to it.