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Locate YourselfI use my map tool on my phone to drive to locations, even ones I’m returning to.Two weeks ago, I drove 50 miles to a speaking engagement, to a location I had visited before.After arriving, I looked around for 20 seconds, and realized I was actually exactly where I needed to be.A great tool gets you there more quickly, conveniently and accurately.Do you use your GPS? Why? Because it’s important to know where you are.Similarly, at WA, I am at a fabulous ‘place&rsq
April 03, 2019
Acceptance into the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge has accelerated my planning for my branded website.It has boosted my energy to think through the process, and crystalized my thinking.Get it done.I just bought my domain.I want to pave the way for many who perhaps, like me, and for varied reasons, find themselves at a carreer change, a work emergency, a stall.It happened to me, and untold many thousands of others.It is my hope to shine a big flashlight of golden opportunity.Tell my story candid
April 02, 2019
But that’s ok.So many events have combined to show me towards success, let me list some of them.When I was 12, my Dad took me to Dodger stadium, and told me to be sure to bring my mitt. Watching the Dodger players busy at early practice and warm-ups, my Dad calls out ‘Hey Maury, throw my kid the ball!’Next thing you know Maury Wills throws me the baseball from his position in center field, and with a ‘smack’ sound, I catch the ball.Now, the Dodgers colors include
March 28, 2019
Are you doing daily battle against mediocrity on WA?Making progress by tiny increments only?How wonderful!I'd like to make an analogy.You know, like saying the heart is like a pump, you understand.Your seemingly tiny incremental steps of progress are just like the compunding interest a penny can make.Take a look at the chart.One penny compounded daily for only 30 days makes for tremendous financial progress, almost beyond belief!It amounts to astounding financial growth, and monetary progress.F
March 17, 2019
I completed the step to create my first Rubix site! Fun!
I'm back! It's great to be back at WA, I love the friendly, giving, knowledgeable environment.
December 05, 2014
I have to say, I am impressed and excited. Just my first day here at WA, The tools and resources are superior. Very friendly, positive environment too. I was actually able to get my first website started here, just as it advertised in a matter of seconds with juts a few clicks! I used a domain I had sitting around, and installed Wordpress in seconds using the Websites & Hosting tools! The wizard pulled my domain over and put it all together...viola! Really, really cool. Now I am going to go