Compound Interest

Last Update: March 28, 2019

Are you doing daily battle against mediocrity on WA?

Making progress by tiny increments only?

How wonderful!

I'd like to make an analogy.

You know, like saying the heart is like a pump, you understand.

Your seemingly tiny incremental steps of progress are just like the compunding interest a penny can make.

Take a look at the chart.

One penny compounded daily for only 30 days makes for tremendous financial progress, almost beyond belief!

It amounts to astounding financial growth, and monetary progress.

From a pennies-worth of investment.

When you complete a new lesson at WA, and apply that to your Rubix site, you have set the law of compunding interest into motion in your favor! You Go!

I'd like to quote this question I read: 'Would you rather have one ,million dollars now, or one penny, with it's value doubled every day in a month?

Great question, right?

See the dollar amount your penny grew to in thirty days listed at the end of the chart?

Because one penny doubling every day for 30 days expands to $5,368,709.12.

Truly astounding,am I right?

So never uunderestimate the value of the seemingly tiny skills you are picking up, becasue they compound like a penny grows doubling every day..

Did you just learn how to delete the generic 'comment' made on page one of your new Wordpress blog, and begin customizing your site with your comments instead?

Your blog now lives, and you are publishing your comments! Congratulations!

Did you also figure out how to publish your posts in your own name, and not listed as from that generic 'admin' person? Who?

These seemingly small steps are incredibily powerful as they set you on the road to publishing your own words on your blog, out to the world, to stay permanently on the internet, growing in value and influence, compounded by reach and increased in value by SEO ( you learning that SEO stuff too? Yes!).

You are going to be a wealty affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate!

So punch away at the challenges, and make small incremental improvements every day.

Imagine making just 1% progress each day? You can do that, correct?

Becasue one tiny change, just 1% increase in the body of your work, one new skill, no matter how small, compounded is GREAT!

1% a day times 365 is huge, 365% improvement in one year!

But the actual benefit is really greater than that.

It doesn't just increase by 1% each day.

Like a heart pumps blood, you pump your fresh new content out through your blog, and spread your message and grow and expand your reach through social media, email and through advertisements and affiliate activity.

One ambassador recently shared that she reached a daily volume goal of over $450 dollars through her affiliate activity. Did you get your calculator out and multiply that times 365?

Wow, run go do that calculation.

Would you be excited with a fraction of that to start?

I would! Oh yes!

So may your heart and brain pump out content on a regular basis through your blog.

Keep making those tiny one-penny gains in skills, knowledge and consistent action.

My you experience the tremendous growth effects of compounded interest as you invest in your business, invest in yourself and grow at Wealthy Affiliate.

I wish you tremendous compunded, daily, expanding, heart-pumping success!

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AHost-Madsen Premium
Great post! You touch on so many valuable tidbits of information.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom in the WA community :)

Best of luck on your journey to success!
greenwealth Premium
Thank you, wow! You are very kind. I'm following you now.
GREAT success to you!