Day 9 Adopting New Habits

Last Update: February 22, 2017

Do you eat dates? Do you like them?

if you answered NO to either question here are a couple to reasons to consider incorporating them into your diet. Apparently eating as few as three dates on a daily basis is enough to show many health improvements.

As you may know brown foods are generally considered beneficial for our digestive system. Dates are no exception. They are high in digestion enhancing fibre as well as minerals and vitamins.

1. Improves digestion - Dates are a good source of insoluble fibre (as are beans). Insoluble fibre makes the stool soft which aids digestion and prevents constipation. The potassium in dates helps when you have diarrhea or an upset stomach, reduces blood pressure and is good for general heart health.

2. They contain magnesium, manganese and Selenium. All of these help to keep our bones healthy. If you have a thyroid issue selenium supports the proper functioning of the thyroid.

3. Because of their high iron content dates are very good for those of us suffering from anemia or as a preventative measure against anemia.

4. Another health benefit is that they reduce the risk of strokes and lower the LDL Cholesterol levels in our body, the so-called "bad" cholesterol.

5. Because of the fruit sugar they contain dates are ideal as a snack in the afternoon when you need a boost of energy. And because of their fibre content you won't feel the "crash after boost" effect of coffee or sweet fizzy drinks.

That's t for today. I am going to have a break and eat my three dates!

happy Wednesday


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WaynePro Premium
Thanks, Vee. Your message sounds just like my girlfriend here in Hong Kong encouraging me to eat dates for all the right reasons that you outlined. Just not one of my favorites, but I will try again, thanks to your encouragement!!


AGOgden Premium
Greenvee...who doesn't like dates??...get them out of here!... dates are important and very nourishing...

Press On!

barrp Premium
All good point about why I should have some dates in my desk to snack on.

Thank you for the info

greenvee Premium
and they taste good too! Enjoy your day Percy
Ivine Premium
Hi Vee, I love dates. Irv.
greenvee Premium
so we have something else in common my friend :)