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Last Update: April 02, 2019

Hello, so I reached 2 years with WA!!! I have to admit, I didn't realize how much work i would have to put in, to see any kind of result. Creating my website and writing about something that is my passion, has been a wonderful journey. I hope to be able to find more time to work on my site and to be able to help other travelers to make their trips a success.

Thank you for all your help...you kow who you are!

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WaynePro Premium
Happy 2nd-year anniversary, Grace. All the best.

JulietAA Premium
Congratulations Grazka!
On your 2 year anniversary.
Wishing you all the best as you journey in WA.
accad Premium
Keep going.
Jadatherapy Premium
Congratulations and well done

WOW 2 years

All the best success moving forward

Grazka Premium
Thank you Jennifer! Best wishes.