Where Do You Find the Time?

Last Update: October 24, 2019

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs!

Do you have a full time job and trying to learn this affiliate business as a side hustle, hoping to build an income so you can do this full time? Me too! I'm working on rebuilding my retirement I lost at age 58. So far, so good. But still a ways to go. But, the time needed to devour all the information you need to learn! The books, the courses and then you have to implement what you learn. Where's the time?

Right now I'm putting in 10 to 12 hour days rehabbing and painting houses. But, I'm still getting my time in online and slowly moving forward. So how?

It will depend on what your job is, for it to work like it does for me. But, first, what I do is get audio versions of the books I'm reading. Also, many of the course have audio versions. Of course it costs a bit more, but well worth it. Why? Because, while I'm painting, I have my earphones in listening to courses, trainings, and books. If you're a member of any of the Facebook affiliate groups, our live trainings are always recorded so you can watch them later. I merely dial up the ones I want or missed and listen away while I work.

The good part about this for me, is when I get home, I can take action on what I learned that day! Thus, not having to listen to the training after I get home, THEN start implementing, because by then, I'm worn out and falling asleep and can't concentrate.

Now, if you're at a job where you can't do this, then still get the audio. Especially, if you have a long drive to work. I'm always listening to trainings and motivational cd's when I'm driving. Anytime you have dead time, use it to listen. If you go to the gym, this is a great time to listen. It'll make your time on the elliptical fly by! And it's not dead time as far as learning.

You'll at least have lunch breaks when you can listen to your audio, or at least read if you have a book. You need to take advantage all you can throughout the day, even if you have the old 9 to 5, so you'll be able to implement when you get home.

Every little bit adds up and speeds up the process getting you closer to your goals and dreams!

Hope I at least planted a seed for you to come up with your own ideas to squeeze in your learning throughout the day!

Until next time...Take Action!


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Thokozile7 Premium
Hi Grant. Thank you for a great post. Reminds of many years ago when I studied while I was a wife, mother, and fulltime employee. I studied mostly while waiting for a bus or train, or while traveling by train to and from work. Back home I would listen to audios while cooking or washing dishes. And it worked.
The beauty about using 'dead' time, such as waiting for your dentist, who is running late, is that while others are complaining you're less irritable as you use the opportunity to do something profitable,
AlanJE Premium Plus
That is the reality Grant, how to find the time. You need to be motivated, Alan.
mivi999 Premium
Great info Grant, I’m at it full time 6 days then 5 days always busy lol but keeping my nose to the grindstone
TheMagicBrad Premium
I like to set up systems, so I can take one (1) action that has a chain reaction to multiple other actions.

I also have a collaborative, so when one (1) member of the team performs an action, it triggers activities for the other six (6) members.

#Synergy 1+1=11
GrantSudduth Premium
Excellent idea!
megawinner Premium
Yes, I always find the time at night and early morning.