Another Obstacle Broken down with a Bonus in the End -.

Last Update: June 22, 2017

Sounds courageous, isn't it?? Well ... it all depends on digging your heels and holding on no matter what and no matter how long it takes. If you want to succeed on WA there is none what so ever alternative. However .. the journey is amazing!!

Being a relative newbie here on WA and without any doubt greener than grass when is comes to building and developing websites .. I must admit having been struggling over the past few days with the concept of 'The Theme'... I did not have any clue in every respect. .from fold to footer to name a few .. nothing seemed to make sense.

Being not a native English speaker, I had no other choice in the end than leaving the English premises to seek refuge in my native language in order to find the solution. And believe me .. it worked out perfectly. I stumbled upon a Dutch utmost informative site - lucky me -)!

By now the secret lives of The Theme is not a secret anymore - by now it is possible to do some preliminary research according to the content of your website in advance, detecting the theme used by other websites. This site even provides information in the drop down menu on the most popular themes and even plugins...from information overload to chaos reduction -So far so good - Life in course 1 and 2 on WA became a lot easier -:)!!

Go here -

Wishing you inspiration and happy site-seeing as well!

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Ivine Premium
Hi, thanks for your post. Irv.
GrannyDear Premium
My pleasure!! working with this 'gadget'I almost feel like a kid in the candy store!! It all starts making more and more sense!!

And what's more... once again I come to the conclusion that referring to the title of my post, the obstacles appear to be insignificant molehills.

This is another lesson in self-improvement -)!

Star4U Premium
Thank you!
GrannyDear Premium
isn't it something -) .. this site..-)-)-)!!

Once again -- have fun!! and wishing you success!!
RDoren Premium
Happy for you! Bob
Benmoore Premium
Thank you for sharing the link. I have bookmarked it for use when I come to it. All the best!
pablocortina Premium
Best of luck with your niche. Have a good one
GrannyDear Premium
Pablo .. I wish!!! don't get me wrong.. this is a site a stumbled by accident upon and I must admit .. I feel a bit guilty, because it feels like nosy spying in the basket with beans of my friends, wich are and were not intended for the spilling.. ahh..welll...