5-Steps To Starting a Small Business

Last Update: March 04, 2020

I struggled with the title for this one as most businesses will start out small. So the steps to starting a small business would be the natural progression to creating that big business, in most cases at least.

So what are the steps?

Well, all I can say, in my experience, it is a winding road where the future remains unknown but there are still steps one must take.

First Step: Start

It's as easy as that one word, "Start".

That's all you need to do in creating your business.

Whether you are wanting to start an online business, build or sell stuff.

The main ingredient to having a business that succeeds is to start one.

It may sound simple but most people never get to that first step.

Then they look back and say things like "Should've, Could've, Would've".

So don't look back in regret!

Start right now!

If you want to start an online business, right a blog right now. Don't worry how it may sound, just start creating!

Second Step: Focus

This is another area people miss by a mile.

It's a natural phenomenon that people believe they can take on more than they can chew.

Then they become discouraged and quit.

It's important to have a vision, a plan of what you want to accomplish.

Create short, attainable goals. Think of how you climb a ladder, you don't jump over 2 or 3 steps and risk falling to the ground.

You take it slow and easy at first, learn everything there is to know about climbing that ladder. If you don't know the technique you get help.

Once you've mastered the climb then you can get to your next objective.

You will find you no longer even have to think of how to climb that latter which was so difficult at first.

Third Step: Fail

No, that is not a typo.

In order to succeed, you must experience failure.

It's only once you've failed you will know what success is. I think I read that somewhere or my 3 cups of coffee has just kicked in and I'm now on another level of philosophy.

Most people won't need to remember this step as it will come naturally.

We will all fail at something in our lives and those failures usually make us so much stronger.

So, don't shy away from failure, embrace it, learn from it!

Fourth Step: Restart

This step is probably the hardest but most rewarding out of all the steps as most times success is just around the corner.

In some cases, you may fail again but those that don't will move forward with amazing success.

You need to get back on your feet, take the knowledge you've learned from your failure and move on.

Brush off your pride and keep getting up.

Don't give up!

Fifth Step: Success

With success comes responsibility.

Now that you've made it you are now confronted with the need to keep your business successful.

You'll continuously need to adapt and maintain flexibility on how you do things because things will change.

If you stand still and believe that your success recipe will always work for years to come then you are a fool.

There will always be others that are new and trying new things.

You will need to stay current.


It's winding and bumpy road this road to a successful business but it can be achieved.

Remember the 5-steps listed above, follow through with them and you have just as much chance and succeeding as anybody else.

So go get'em!

Start, Focus, Fail, Restart, Success!

Thanks for stopping by.

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This is wonderful.
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Your 5 steps are great. I have experienced #3 but dont like it.