Free Online Training Courses. How it helped me through these challenging times.

Last Update: April 12, 2020

So here we are a few weeks into something many, if any of us has ever experienced.

It made me wonder where I would be today without the free training I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

Did the free online courses here help me in any way to get through these challenging weeks?

The simple answer is "Yes".

When I started my journey here four and a half years ago, I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing or anything about all the other ways you can earn an income online from the comfort of your home.

I won't lie to you.

When I started, I saw myself being a whole lot further ahead with this online business thing than I am now.

Can I blame anybody for not reaching my desired goals I've set myself 4 1/2 years ago?

Yes, I can only blame myself.

That said, I am not disappointed.

If anything I am extremely impressed by how the online training here has made who I am today.

If you haven't been following my journey until now, you will know that I am already fortunate enough to have a full-time job where I can work from home for over the past decade.

I followed the training here and I tried out various niche sites like my work from home and affiliate marketing sites before finding my true calling, woodworking.

Woodworking was a small business that sort of created itself for me over 25 years ago just from word of mouth.

When my sons were born I put woodworking aside to focus on family and our full-time jobs.

I may have been in denial that woodworking was a type of business I wanted to be doing today .
Now that I've set up my workshop and selling furniture it really is something that brings me joy.

How does woodworking have anything to do with affiliate marketing and online training?

The woodworking business today is very different from years past.

Although word of mouth still works well for making sales there is no faster way to boost your business than to promote your business online.

The best thing with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I've learned so many ways to promote our woodworking business without spending a cent on promotional ads.

We can use the methods used in the training to bring visitors to our website and it continues to grow everyday.

Without any effort, we have more customers than we can handle even during these challenging times in our lives.

All I know is that if I had never started that free training 4 1/2 years ago I would not know what I know now and I would not have any customers during this isolation period.

I thought our business would completely die during this pandemic but the orders keep coming in and our customers are willing to wait if for delivery once things start coming back to a new normal.

All this to say that if you are having any doubts about following the courses on how to start an online business because you're thinking this online stuff is not for you.

Then you may be making a huge mistake.

This course is not only for those wanting to start an online business.

It's a course you can use for any type of business.

It will also make you a more rounded and knowledgeable person.

You will become a person that can withstand almost any type of global challenge.

Whether it be a pandemic like we are dealing with now that also has financial implications or natural disasters that can affect so many people, you can survive with the exra knowledge.

You will lbe able to adapt to the changes that can happen quickly.

So if you haven't started your free training yet, what are you wating for?

Sign-up for the free membership and start your free training now!

For those who have done the free training and Premium training, what are your thoughts?


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phakacha8 Premium
Very well said and shown.
Thanks for sharing your experiences with WA.
KL1990 Premium
This is very encouraging! Thank you so much for writing this!
I'm so glad you found something you truly enjoy here!
I'm sure I will find mine soon.
I'm a newbie, and need a lot of learning, but who knows, maybe one day I could work from home + find a side job that fits my interest of outdoor. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your story!
Happy Easter!
Googlmans Premium
Happy Easter!
Thank you.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have my current work from home job.
I feel like I'm too comfortable and tend to make this online business stuff more of a hobby than a necessity. If I knew that starting my online business was going to be my only source of income my attitude would be soooo different. I do try to imagine that it is my only source to try and give myself a good kick in my backside to get moving but then the comfort comes back and I tend to relax again.
Now with the woodworking business, people are counting on me to complete projects in a timely manner or by a deadline and that helps me to stay focused.
I hope you can find yours and hope to read about your succcesses here at WA.