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So here we are a few weeks into something many, if any of us has ever experienced.It made me wonder where I would be today without the free training I received from Wealthy Affiliate.Did the free online courses here help me in any way to get through these challenging weeks?The simple answer is "Yes".When I started my journey here four and a half years ago, I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing or anything about all the other ways you can earn an income online from the comfort of your
I struggled with the title for this one as most businesses will start out small. So the steps to starting a small business would be the natural progression to creating that big business, in most cases at least.So what are the steps?Well, all I can say, in my experience, it is a winding road where the future remains unknown but there are still steps one must take.First Step: StartIt's as easy as that one word, "Start".That's all you need to do in creating your business.Whether you are wanting to
November 28, 2019
It may sound like we are getting a little ahead of ourselves is that we are still in 2019 but the truth is if you want to have a successful blog in 2020 you need to start NOW!You need to start now, in 2019.There are 6 simple steps to take to create a blog that will reach those goals that you will likely set for yourself in 2020.If you are a new member here at Wealthy Affiliate then this is the perfect time to take advantage of the Black Friday Yearly Premium membership. The Black Friday discou
Youtube Video NewbieThe title of this blog can be interpreted as a statement or question.From our perspective it is a question. Why DID we wait so long? There were no obstacles stopping us from taking our smartphone out and hitting the record button.Yet here we are a few years into this online journey and we are only now starting to be serious about creating videos.I think the real reason is the fear that our peers would see us in a different way. What I think made us finally take the leap is
September 05, 2019
Hey all,It has been awhile since I've written a blog here and figured I would share where things are at this point.The last time I reported on my newest website it was showing some life. Take a look at that graph above. Since May it has continued to show steady growth.That said, I haven't touched that website since the beginning of April. You're probably wondering why haven't I worked on it since then.Well, it's because I have the attention span of a squirrel and decided to start another local
April 04, 2019
Following up from my February post where my website was starting to have a heartbeat.That heartbeat is getting stringer.You're looking at a 6 month snapshot for a website I opened back in the summer of 2018 but didn't put any content on it until mid-December 2018.I know that is a long time not putting anythng on there. I had great plans but sometimes life happens.I still worked on my older sites during that time just not as hard as I would have liked.Now though, the best part is seeing the res
February 27, 2019
It's official! My new website is coming alive. No that image isn't my heart rhythm...thankfully!It is however the new rhythm of my new website I've been working on the last couple of months.The image is showing the rhythm of impressions as shown on the Google Search Console.I created this website in the summer of 2018 but due to some serious family events I had to put things on hold.I only had about 2 blog posts on that site from July to December 2018.Near the end of December I started going at
I had to share this. Thought I would do a little checking on how some of my Wealthy Affiliate blogs are ranking.One thing we learn here and from other sources around the interweb is that having good quality content that helps people and a trusted website that has been around for years will get your blog on Google first page.So I pulled up one of my old blogs to see where it is at.Wow! Number one on Bing and Yahoo. Ok, not Google, I know.I was completely surprised though, that it actually ranked
February 13, 2019
I would like to say hello to New Visitors and All The New Members here at Wealthy Affiliate. IF YOU ARE A VISITOR, you will be requested to sign-in HERE with your email address. This will give you instant access to this platform FREE for 7-days without having to provide any credit information.You will be amazed with all the awesome stuff that happens here.How do I know you will be amazed? Only because I am still amazed every day since I started here in September 2015.There are thousands of succ
February 09, 2019
Hi, my name is Paul.People always ask me why I chose Googlmans as my username.I usually have to start with responses like;No, I don't currently or ever have worked at Google.No, it is not my real name.No, I didn't mispell it.The reason I am using that username goes back many years.Way back to when most people never even heard or knew about Google.It's hard to believe today that there was ever a time when Google wasn't part of every day conversations.Indeed, there was a time when people didn't k