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Who is your dream referral in Wealthy Affiliate?In my previous post here in my WA blog, I mentioned about pre-qualifying prospects. I got amazed to different views expressed in the comments, some agreed to my post while others injected their different point of view.While I agree with others that it is not our job to qualify or pre-qualify people, and that it is the system's role to convince those people on our behalf, I still believe that in order to fast track your success here as an affiliate
In traditional sales training, reps are being taught to pre-qualify their prospects. You have to find the MAN in order for you to make a sale:M - MoneyA - AuthorityN - NeedWhen talking to a prospective customer or prospect, you need to determine first if the person has the money. Or, do they have a budget for your merchandise.Then, the next thing to probe is, if the person has the authority or in a position to buy what you're offering. You do not want to be wasting time to someone who's not in
We are very fortunate we have this platform. I remember when I was active in online network marketing, almost all the platforms we were using favor the big spenders.It felt bad when because you do not have enough advertising budget, all you do is watch the top earners post their screenshots of commissions. You can't go along with them as far as spending money in ads is concern.I can still remember how the trainers were consoling the low-budget marketers, "What you lack in money, what you lack
Who's Also Into Blogging?I recently enrolled in a blogging course offered in Udemy, my purpose was to spy on their system and while watching the lesson "Choosing A Subject For Your Blog", I got reminded to how good our trainers here in WA especially Kyle in discussing this subject.Check out Kyle's lesson here on how to choose a niche for your blogOf course, the trainer in Udemy is also good, I think she's an Irish or British because of her accent, which made me quite struggle to understand beca
Envious of great-looking sites others have here in Wealthy Affiliate, I bought a premium theme from Elegant themes almost a year ago. It was Divi at $80+ price.I was so confident I can easily use the theme and hopefull that money will come crashing in. Unfortunately, aside from my being busy with my offline business, I wasted a lot of time designing, changing, and editing my landing page using that theme.I should have spent those time creating content and marketng.Just recently, after a regular
It's been awhile since my last post here in WA online community. I am so busy working with my wordpress sites, and savoring this Thomas Edison quote..."Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."If you've been here in Wealthy Affiliate for more than 6 months, actively working Enter your own correction... the plan, the plan that has been laid out by Kyle, you probably have realized the same...... that it really takes hard work to achieve success i
I have some good news for the fans of this theme, the Hiero theme!In one of the blog posts here that I no longer remember who wrote it, it was said that this Hiero theme is no longer being updated by its developers. In the blog post, users of this theme is being warned and are encouraged to consider other more updated themes.(*That's the advantage of being a member of a community like Wealthy Affiliate, fellow members care*)How many of us here are using this theme?I guess about 1 in every 5 boo
Today, I got something to share with you guys, and it's not quite inspiring but rather, annoying. But you guys need to hear something like this in order for you to be aware this is happening.Just this morning, right after my login at Facebook, I was greeted by an annoying message that goes like this...What is annoying with this message from Facebook is, they told me they're trying to access funds in my fan page account and were not able to do so because the card that's associated with the accou
April 09, 2019
Just recently, we have seen posts here about technical problems arising from our version of PHP in WA which they said requires updating by the technical people here ASAP. I am not a techie person so I only understand half of it.I also saw comments saying they're receiving a white blank page after submitting a comment in a blog post, and some suspect it to be related to the PHP problem.Since I don't fully understand the matter, I try myself to refrain from posting or commenting. In my mind, let
I am going to be blunt here and tell you what people you need to avoid as an affiliate marketer... You joined Wealthy Affiliate, and as the name of this site suggests, this place is for affiliate marketers. This is not the place for super idealistic people always thinking of producing their own line of products.Before we go on hammering here, I'd like to remind everyone what affiliate marketing is. It is a game wherein we get paid promoting other people's stuff online. That's it, and if you're