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I desperately need comments from WOMEN.... let me elaborateSiteComments is giving me big headaches :I have a golf site for women. When I submit requests for comments thru SiteComments, 99% of all commenters are men. Now don't get me wrong, I love men, but they would almost never find themselves naturally on my site. I think some comments would be good to have, but not most of them. It's not like a make-up site (or other woman's site) that most men would naturally pass over, but a lot of men pla
WOMEN'S RIGHTS are HUMAN RIGHTS!... no explanation needed. And as I write, large demonstrations are happening.EQUALITY FOR ALL !!!(above - Norway)The World over (not only the US), people gather for Women's Rights
Has anyone had trouble using SiteComments, with it leading people to the wrong page to comment on?The last couple of days I've received comments that had to have been meant for a different page than the one requested. The image here is one of todays comments.It looks like they were shown a page I have on the history of women's golf rather than the exercise page I requested, but looked good on my end when I requested it.Any ideas?I need comments and don't want to disapprove a comment if it's the
I'm a little confused.There is a recent blog post that talks about "Moving Comments". just do not understand why people would want to go moving comments around their website, away from their intended post. I had made a comment on his post with my take on it along with clarification, but my comment continues to be unanswered while others get a response.Can anyone help me understand?... my response/question is below.--------------------------
So I want to get some SiteComments with my credits. The page I want comments on shows someone else's page. I've sent a support ticket but have not heard back.Anyone know what's up with that? As you can see, it is showing Mike's Bikes and Parts, and NOT my website.Thanks
Being placed at the bottom of Amazon products pages.Just wondering which the WA community likes better.OK - results are inEveryone voted for #1WHAT WAS I THINKING? ... hahahaThank you everyone!#1 it will be!#1#2Thanks for your input!Joanne
Do you know how many times I have had to disapprove a SiteComment comment, and respond with the following? A LOT"This is SiteComments and not SiteFeedback.Your comment should be one that is specific to the Post Topic, and is engaging and thoughtful. You want to make a comment as if you landed on the page "naturally", read the page, then was compelled to comment."Here is an example of a Great Comment, and what we should all strive for.The following are NOT "up to par".I get a lot of SiteFeedback
So, we've all been taught the importance of DA (Domain Authority), and how to improve it. The teachings at WA are clear.I've had the MOZ Bar installed for quite some time now, displaying the DA of every site I visit. Wealthy Affiliate has had a DA of 69 for quite a long time, but it the last couple of days it has changed to ->70 - and this is what that meansWealthy Affiliate is OUTSTANDING!... and I agree on many different levels
September 04, 2016
So, Ive been using SiteComments for my sites. Most of the time (75% maybe) have been good comments and relevant to the topic. But, a lot of comments have to be disapproved because they are actually SiteFeedback - BIG Difference!HOWEVER, ... one of my sites is a women's golf site, and for some reason, most of the comments I've been receiving lately have been from men who have never played golf! ... and they don't even try to "make it real". (Please - I love men - don't take it personal)Why
Now, unless I'm dreaming, I've seen websites ranking incredibly well in respect to Domain Authority. DA 46 to be exact.I use the free MOZ toolbar so I can see these easily.What impact does this have for our websites starting out and into the future? I know DA is important of course, but I'd welcome a little more specifics on this if anyone can help.Thank you!