Thank you WA (:

Last Update: January 17, 2011

Sat in on a webinar tonight.  It was very informative but am I the only one that is starting to feel like a lot of the webinars outside of WA of course are actually geared towards getting us to buy their service or product - same as their newsletters and sites out there.  Getting us to pick up that one last "have to have" product that will make us all the money we need.  Resist - I tell ya - resist.  Just focus on what's here at WA and another favorite of mine is PotPie Girl; seek genuine info!  Thank you WA for giving us that! it's like the "safe" place of our IM venture (: 

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jatdebeaune Premium
I agree. You never know what great tidbit you will pick up listening to some well qualified webinars. You don't have to buy their offer. Derek Gehl and Anik Singal just teamed up to produce some "free" videos. I'm very curious to look at those. WA is excellent for sure.
sherbet penny Premium
Yep, Jays webinars are great, but there is nothing wrong with listening in on webinars as they can give some great tips, and as soon as the pitching comes in, switch off. I always just get the replays of these webinars and watch them taking some notes in my spare time so it doesn't interfere in my own work.
Jamie Smith Premium
Jay's WAbinar classes will NEVER try to pitch you an offer, just soak up Jay's wisdom and enjoy his archives.