Success = Dedication & Organization.

Last Update: October 25, 2010

One of the biggest and what should be simplest things for me to overcome was the re-dedication of time to myself and getting that time organized.  The month of September found myself getting caught up on things and trying so hard to do everything - both for my business and for IM.  I realized that just doesn't work for me.  I'd think this is true for anyone even... focus on one task and just get it done and move onto the next (:  This has helped me get ahead on my non-IM business and get things organized so that I can now focus on IM for a while.

Organization - part of me doing this was organizing all the blog feeds and my mail in gmail... putting items in groups in my reader - adding filters and labels, etc. to my mail.  I've also begun utilizing the Windows Vista calendar as well as Gmail's calendar - it's so nice to have gmail agenda emails automatically send SMS/text and email reminders, etc.   I have both sent to me b/c sometimes I close my mail and always have my phone (:

 I've also discovered this great tool too: Quick Notes  - it's perfect for that quick "post it note" ou would normally have floating everywhere but only on your desktop.  I know a lot of people swear by EverNote but I just have a hard time with it for some reason.  I just want simple.  Maybe I just need to use it more?  

Most importantly - I realize more than ever how silly it is for NOT to be doing IM.  I have so many of the skills that others still would need to learn [web designs, graphic designs, wordpress installs and customization, KW Research, etc] - I think I'm just over-thinking things - but mostly not jumping in and dedicating myself to doing it - fear i think?  fear of it not working out?  fear of it not working - not making $ and not really figuring out what I'm doing wrong?  I know I'm not alone in that though - I've applied to the WA 30 Day Club and know that with a bit of hand holding it will provide will be just what I need to get out there going! (:   I AM DEDICATED!  Even if I'm not accepted into the club that is my goal the next few days- study, read and MOST IMPORTANT - JUST DO IT!

Side Note:  Am downloading EverNote and I also keep a physical notebook for any ideas I think of and also a physical planner to add things too - sometimes you just have to unglue from the technology kwim? (:

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glowinggal Premium
someone recommended this to me too - might have to check it out - trying to determine what works best... I actually printed off actual planner pages today - sometimes it's nice to physically cross something off (:
Labman Premium
My new Window 7 computer came with One Note. Wow, what a godsend. grab something. Stick it in there. Voila, instant organization. Doesn't matter what it is. e-mail, pdf, web content. it all fits seemlessly.
glowinggal Premium
I agree - it really has helped a ton - I don't always have a sense of "what did I need to do" or always feeling like I have more to do though there always is.... I have a sense of "it's ok" b/c being organized makes it less likely I'll forget or overlook something (:
Jamie Smith Premium
Organization will set you free. I also enjoy Gmail and their calendar.