A Year membership with WA and still going.

Last Update: March 17, 2019

I have completed a year at Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I'd share some of my views.

Firstly I would like to say that it's not a scam! That was my first thought this time last year when I was wondering if this was too good to be true.

2) You do need hard work, websites do not just appear, constant tweaking and writing has to be done.

3) You do need time - I still get shocked at how fast the time flies just by writing a post and sharing that post across various platforms. Time waits for no man!

4) Do the training - this is a must, no shortcuts, no quick fire success, just DO the training. Saves you pain in the long run.

5) Keep plugged into the WA community, some times you will feel like nothing is happening with all your hard work, keep checking back with people here, ask advice as it will spur you on.

6) Money might not come in straight away, I was looking for my first £200 from day one. Not really realistic as website wasn't even activated! Be patient it will happen.

7) Keep writing and don't stop, this is another must, don't stop as over time you will reap followers, page visits, comments and sales.

8) Use social media and all other avenues to promote you site - a website not seen ain't going to work.

9) Ask for help - you are not an expert yet but help is available.

10) Don't give up. Sounds simple for those who have first started but by month 3 or 4 and sales are not there, your not on first page of Google, you have no time to write etc etc etc etc etc you will want to stop, don't. I repeat don't, keep going, keep doing the training and keep writing. It might be that you need a small break, fine do that, have a week off or what ever but just don't stop.

Hope that helps someone out there, I enjoy what I do which really does help. I think the moment that you start not to enjoy it, then you may need to evaluate why you are here.

Remember it's not a race, you are not in competition with any WA member!

Just think, what were the goals that drove you to searching out WA in the first place? Then go for them, again and again and again.............

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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi there, congratulations on your wonderful milestone. You have posted some awesome advice. I wish all the best to you.
RuthlynB Premium
Congratulations on your1 year anniversary here at WA wishing all the best in your 2 years and beyond.
GlenfordR Premium
Thanks for the comments, wishing you all the best.
MiaL Premium
Congratulations Glenford on your first year. And great advice for people here. Well done to you and all the best!
GlenfordR Premium
Thanks so much really appreciate it.