The four agreements

Last Update: June 05, 2014

I want to share with you today something from Dr. Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican doctor who is also a ‘shaman’ very concerned about the ancient Aztecas Indians teachings.

The book for which he’s well known is THE FOUR AGREEMENTS – best seller. Simple wise teachings that if all human beings follow, many misunderstanding and even wars would be prevented and communication in inter-relationships would be nothing else but positive and nutritive. Highly recommended!

These are the FOUR agreements.

1.- Be Impeccable with your words: - When you express yourself, say exactly what you mean to say with integrity and honesty; speak of what you think and feel with calmness… avoiding speaking against yourself or others. Always give your back to gossip and use the power of your words within the frame of truth and love.

2.- Don’t take anything personally:- People express themselves from their own circumstances and feelings, from their own reality… so don’t feel ‘attacked’ by their projections. Learn to be ‘immune’ to the opinions and actions of others so that you keep yourself safe from being a victim of needless suffering.

3.- Don’t make assumptions:- When you suppose something, always ask questions about what you perceive, to check if your perception and interpretation corresponds to the real intentions of the other person. Communicate with others with clarity and avoid misunderstandings. Keep away from drama. Dr. Ruiz says that if we could only apply this agreement, we can completely transform our lives! There is an interesting quote: to ‘assume’ only makes and ass of u and me (ass-u-me)!

4.- Always do your best:- In everything thing you do, no matter how ‘insignificant’ it may seem, always do the best you can do. Under your own particular an current circumstances, just give the best of yourself and avoid self-judgments, self-abuse, regrets and guilt.


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kbyer Premium
Thank you. Very well written and very well needed information. Thanks, ken.
arick Premium
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
corinnarose Premium
Very nice! I like this a lot and I agree, if more people would follow these agreements we would live a more peaceful, calm, happy life! Much success and happiness to you!
gise777 Premium
As to you Corinna! We have wonderful opportunities here if we open to them! We'll keep on crossing on our paths to success!
acoolmil Premium
Great words of wisdom Gisela, we should all treat others as we would like them to treat us.
TJ Stevenson Premium
Great words and advice, I think we could all do well to take it on board, thanks Gisela!