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June 05, 2014
I want to share with you today something from Dr. Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican doctor who is also a ‘shaman’ very concerned about the ancient Aztecas Indians teachings. The book for which he’s well known is THE FOUR AGREEMENTS – best seller. Simple wise teachings that if all human beings follow, many misunderstanding and even wars would be prevented and communication in inter-relationships would be nothing else but positive and nutritive. Highly recommended! These are the FOUR agreements.
May 31, 2014
Hola to all fellow WA members! This is my first blog... For some days I've been pondering what could I write here and share. My website is about learning to live an "Assertive Life Style" and it's in SPANISH. My website includes something I did in the past for more than 4 years.... THE MESSAGE OF THE WEEK. Every sunday non-stop for a bit more than 4 years, I sent to a list of email contacts a message regarding life, motivation, joy, sadness, love... how to express emotions and feelings in a hea