What Comes First, The Niche or The Product?

Last Update: June 16, 2014

I just responded to someone who was having an issue with finding keywords for their niche. I wanted to share my response because I think there is something we all need to understand about this process. Some of you may already get this, but for newbies like me, this definitely was an ahaaa moment and provided a different and important perspective on the strategy we use for approaching our niches.

My answer:

I just did an article on my website about finding your niche and learned something very interesting during my research that might help you to look at this from a different vantage point.

Your niche is not diet pills, (the author of the question stated that their niche was diet pills). Your niche is the audience who want to lose weight. In other words, your niche/audience should be the driving force, not the product.

So do your research. What are people who want to lose weight looking for? Are they looking for diet pills, nutritional supplements, herbs, diets.... what? You need to research. You need to know your audience, what their problems are and if you can provide a solution.

Once you find out what your audience wants, then you deliver the product. Your niche (customers) aren't going to go away, but your diet pill product might, then where would you be? In other words, products come and go, but your market is stedfast.

Service your customers, not your product.

Hope this helps. - Ginger

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Karyskis Premium
Good advice and reminder, Ginger. Thank you!
oldbuddy70 Premium
In this particular case, I would think my customers are looking for support and ideas along with shared experiences with those who found success and how they did it. Part of that sharing is the product that made it possible.
Iwienert Premium
Well put.