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Last Update: July 03, 2014

I was feeling pretty desperate and needing to get some money coming in so I could afford my monthly WA fee and pay my bills while I work to get my WA blog making money.

I had read an article that talked about being specific about what I wanted, which was pretty much just being happy doing what I needed to do to earn money, and putting it out to the universe asking for the help I needed. Sounds strange, I know, but you have to understand the law of attraction in order to grasp this concept. I'm pretty sure there are a few folks who will read this post, that will get what I'm talking about while others will just roll their eyes and think I'm a nut case. So be it.

I've been helping a friend with her pet rescue project and she randomly said that her boyfriend needed help with his painting business and asked if I'd be interested.

I had limited painting experience but was willing to give it a try with the hopes that I wouldn't let her or her boyfriend down. Things are going really well and I'm having fun and making money. The universe responded to my request.

My only challenge now is that I'm working 6 - 7 days a week which doesn't give me a lot of time to work on my blog. I do need to get things sorted out so I can get back on track with my WA blog and the other blogs I want to get up and running. Most days I get home and I'm so whipped out from the heat and the long ours that I'm just totally drained and can't get into gear to write. Hopefully this will change.

In the meantime, I'd appreciate the community's help in checking my website to give me suggestions on what I could do to improve my site. I've been getting visitors via an ad I placed on CraigsList but they're not converting.

So please check me out at

Thanks so much for your help and support.

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GingerRatsep Premium
Thanks Nessa.... I had several comments but lost them when I changed up my Getting Started page to accommodate my blog page. Appreciate the comment on my blog an here. Will work on getting more reviews and conversations going.
Nessa60735 Premium
For more conversions try adding more reviews. Someone on the chat helped me because I am facing the same problem as you and he recommended to keep adding reviews of different products. Remember, content is key so the more content you add, the more traffic you will see and the higher conversion rate you will have. I checked out your site and it looks great, just needs a bit more comment. I'll leave a comment for you on it.