Google: How to Get New Content Indexed Fast - SEJ

Last Update: March 07, 2018

Search Engine Journal just published advice from Google's John Mueller in a Webmaster Hangout

It is a brief, but information packed post. Read the post including the takeaways at the bottom and then listen to the YT video. The video is set at the time he discusses this and you need only listen for a couple of minutes.

Thank you for reading!


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suzzziq Premium
Great info.! Thanks so much for the share:)
rileyroman Premium
I checked out the article and was impressed with what was said there. However, it totally is against what we are taught here at WA. Food for thought though. Thank you for sharing

stay humble & kind,
riley roman
GinaGo Premium
I know right? It's kind of like dieting, do this... do that... don't do it... do this instead. We just have to figure out what works best for us and try to keep up with Google's changes and advice. Fun... fun... not!