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Search Engine Journal just published advice from Google's John Mueller in a Webmaster HangoutIt is a brief, but information packed post. Read the post including the takeaways at the bottom and then listen to the YT video. The video is set at the time he discusses this and you need only listen for a couple of minutes. you for reading!~Gina
I just upgraded to yearly. Like many, I have been paying monthly since I joined. Glad to have my membership locked in for the year and at a much better price. I should have done it long ago!I have never regretted joining WA. It has been good for me in countless ways and I have learned a tremendous amount from all of the excellent people here.Happy Holidays!
Other than for the money, I do not understand this fight.The men are unequal. Floyd is a 40 year old boxer fighting a 28 year old MMA fighter. If Floyd wins, and I expect he will, he has defeated a lesser experienced fighter out of his league. If Conor wins, he will have defeated a 40 year old coming out of retirement.I love boxing and am excited about the match, but I do not understand the match up of the men.Love him or hate him, I would not bet money against Floyd "Money" Mayweather, but an
Did you know In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, an Internet-based hypermedia initiative for global information sharing while at CERN? recently spoke at the Innovate Finance Global Summit:Sir Tim Berners-Lee lays out nightmare scenario where AI runs the financial world from TechWorld. article also includes a link to the letter he published on the anniversary of the
This is an email phishing scam. It directs you to a page to collect your Apple login information.I do not use Apple products so I am not as susceptible to this particular scam as others might be.Here is a link to Apple about these scams Learn how to identify and report phishing emails.Your Apple ID information was changed via a web browser chromeApple ID <sentuins@galorair. com> Today at 1:37 PMTo service@appleid. comBCC ********@yahoo. comYour Apple ID information was changed via a web b
I have updated a previous post concerning Amazon Associates Program rules.I am not an expert, but I have read their agreement and spoken with associates support to clarify some of the details.Let me know if you have any questions. I will try to answer and if I can't, I will work to find out.Here is the link you for reading!Gina
I upgraded this plugin on my site this evening and it caused a HTTP ERROR 500 so it was inaccessible. If you have this plugin installed, you might be wise to remove it and find another plugin for image compression.Here is the response from site support:"After investigation we found that the plugin Ewww image optimize update has caused issues for your website leading it not to function normally. We have disabled the plugin and your site works fine now. We also checked logs and found an error re
May 23, 2016
Hi WA Friends,Just a quick note to say I have been out of the loop for a while because of an illness. Highly manageable, but it has taken some time to identify and treat the trouble.I have fallen behind in every area of my life because of it. Home, work, blog, etc.I can't imagine I will ever get caught up.I know many of you can identify with this dilemma.Finally, the fog is lifting and my energy is returning. I am actually headed out for a walk to get some much needed exercise and sunlight!I am
Sitting here at my laptop trying to write a blog post, I have been thinking of our friends at here at WA that write in English as a second language.I get stuck and struggle to write often and it is so frustrating for me.As English is my first and only language, you would think I could type out a blog post easily enough.I want you wonderful multi-lingual people to know I admire you. Your skills and perseverance are commendable.Even more so because you work through the training in English. Maybe
My son Dawson played cello with the Baytown Symphony Orchestra for the first time Saturday evening.He is a freshman in high school and just 15 years old. He was honored to be invited to rehearse with them late last year and has been working hard on his music.It was a great concert and believe me when I tell you everyone there knew he was my son and how proud I am of him. His Dad is too of course, but I was the one up front at the stage with my camera.Also, he earned his first ever paycheck!This