Momentum and motivation

Last Update: January 19, 2017

Hi guys,

I think for my first blog post I want to start at the beginning. By the beginning, I mean what motivates us? What drives us to do what we do?

It fascinates me that everybody in the WA community has their own story that has guided them to this training and this path. Those quirks of fate, be them good, or bad, have taken us all to the point where we want to take control and change our lives.

That's a pretty powerful thing if you stop to think about it.

But being on this path is one thing. Staying on it, though...that's a whole other ball game.

Our motivations are our own, that'll never change. And we all have our own ways of righting the wheel from time to time when the goal truck drifts to one side of the road...

For me, a big thing in keeping me on target with what i'm trying to achieve, is visualisation.

See it to believe it...then live it!

If I can visualise doing something, or picture myself living the lifestyle of my choice, it makes the goal so much more tangible.

And when i say 'see' myself living a lifestyle, I mean using all my senses to really 'be' in that scenario.

If my goal is live on a beach in Sri Lanka and write and blog from there, then I'll begin by researching the place to find a beach house with a deck that I can see myself sitting on.

Then I'll imagine how a day in that life would go...

Waking up early in the morning to view the sunrise, feeling the wooden floor under my feet. Smelling the spice and salt in the air, then hearing the ocean crash and roll.

Then see myself sitting and opening the lap top...writing for 3 or 4 hours then walking into the nearest town for lunch.

Of course, this is just me...but you get the picture...use all your senses!

If your goal is that new Porsche or a brand new 4 x 4, then see yourself sliding into the front seat, feel how the leather seats feel against the back of your legs, or how the car smells; how it sounds when you start the engine...

All of those images will help create a much more tangible picture of your goals.

Then say to yourself, 'Ok, what do I need to do to get there?' 'What's the plan?'

Then take it step-by-step. Map a route to that goal...

The same thing applies with our training here at WA...Step-by-Step.

I think probably the biggest benefit with WA is the community, certainly for me. I've always struggled with going it alone on writing websites, or with companies that promise 'a website in 4 days' then leave you to navigate the internet once the initial set up is done. As you begin to build your site and start to interact with the community at WA, like those goals, it really does start to come together. And that 's where the momentum kicks in.

Day by day, bit by bit. Consistency is the key. And before you know, those goals start to become a reality.

SO, together with the training here at WA, and some strong visualisation, there's just no stopping us, is there?

To (y)our success,


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Marlinda1 Premium
Very nice topic and article of encouragement. Keep up the good work and thank you for the inspiration as I am needing it right now myself :)
GHindmarsh Premium
You're welcome Marlinda, I hope it gives you some positive thoughts! And thanks for the follow. Reciprocated!