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February 24, 2020
Good Day Peeps! Seems like I have been missing in action from the community for a few weeks. Actually, I have been doing a lot of reading but have not had the opportunity for a lot of commenting, or much publishing for that matter.This makes today's post and my choice of the word "absence" even more appropriate. Absence as defined as a noun in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a state or condition in which something expected, or looked for is not present or does not exist: a state or condition in
February 01, 2020
Shhhh...Have you ever noticed when you lose power how quiet it becomes? Even better, have you noticed what you you're in silence?A recent conversation with a friend has shifted focus away from what we say in the form of a written word and placed a very heavy emphasis on what is not being said. Yes the things we don't have to listen for them!There is a very strong likeness to silence and listening. There is an equal opposite to just hearing and actually listening. Going about our day,
Time to Walk Away...I know what ya'll thinking! Where is he going with this? Well to be honest, I mean what I am saying right here. Time to walk away! Indeed, as in Don't forget the Me Time in the course of your day! Right! Get out there and enjoy whatever your surroundings are, breath, take it all in and start refreshed again!I just returned from a virtual walk with a friend. Hey it's winter out there, and things can look pretty desolate at times. But there is a certain beauty in isolation, yo
January 25, 2020
Are they really just numbers? Do we just use them to make ourselves look better, or worse in some cases? Numbers have always fascinated me and now with the advent of big data surrounding us and everything we do in life it appears at the very least that we just can't get away from the numbers!Lets's look back just a few weeks when everyone was posting about goals for the year. How many of those goals where connected to numbers? I'm going to lose (x) amount of weight, write (x) amount of posts, c
January 19, 2020
Hell No!Hell no! Taken for granted? Absolutely! Trust is one of those things that walks with it’s feet on both sides of the fence. Floating back and forth between our conscious and sub-conscious mind. For example, you're driving in your car, approaching a stop sign, applying the brakes and trusting the vehicle is going to stop. Not something you are consciously thinking about but there is a level of trust your vehicle will indeed stop.How about flying? A little more into our consciousness
January 18, 2020
The last six years, nearly seven now, I have been blessed to visit some outstanding cities in Europe. More than I could have hoped to even dream of in a lifetime, let alone actually step foot in. During this time my mind has been like a sponge eagerly absorbing as much of the scenery, cultural, and people I could handle. Most of those experiences have been etched into a timeless memory. My photographs allowing me to recall at will, not just the trip itself, but nearly the moment the shot was ca
January 05, 2020
Hi WAmily!Back on the Sunday night of Black Friday weekend I decided to take the leap into the premium world here at WA. This after lurking in the shadows for a few years as a free member thinking I could inch my way to success by grabbing tidbits of information from not only this community but a host of so called gurus out there that promise you the world all wrapped up with a pretty bow.You see, I was never really comfortable talking to people in any type of online platform. I don't have a re
It has been an incredible day! Into the Top 200 on the last day of 2019... Into the Top 100 on the first day of 2020!So humbling, so unexpected, so grateful! Not something you can accomplish without the likes of the kindest people that reside in the WA community!Sorry peeps I have no words! My Heart...Gerry
Wow! Earlier today while wrapping things up with my "fake" job I received a notice about breaking the 200 RANK milestone!! I was gifted with a rank of 175 on this the last day of 2019 and though it was a very unexpected ending I can tell you it is the absolute start of a new beginning here in the WA community.The important thing to note here is this is such a shared honor! I mean I couldn't have engaged "myself" over the last 30 days and moved along at this pace. Heck no, it takes a village, no
During the last few days of each year I love to spend time thinking about how it was and what it will be like. On Black Friday of this year I jumped on the premium magic carpet ride after spending the last few years in the shadows thinking I could get this done on my own terms. After all I had a full time job which allowed me to live comfortably, I will make time on my own time I thought.Most of us are the recipient of some form of instant gratification these days, either by choice or as a vict