Just how long does my drill have to be?

Last Update: April 23, 2020

I've taken a few minutes break here, to both put together a short blog post AND to give me a break from content creation and Keyword research duties!

Earlier this afternoon, I started re-jigging some content that I'd already created, to make it more suitable for a particular website that I'm in the early stages of building (I'm still just creating content actually).

As I was altering the text, I kept seeing the phrases I'd just written as possible Keyword phrases and so, from time to time, I'd plug one into Jaaxy and see what I got back. Up to yet, I have over 200 various phrases, most of which have a reasonable set of Metrics to back them up.

But having that many Keyword phrases got me thinking; I know they say that you should drill down into your Keyword lists, but I wonder, how long does your drill need to be? Do I stop now? Do I continue as I am - plugging in phrases as I create them? Or do I admit that I'm becoming obsessed with Keyword drilling - and seek professional help? :-)

Well, only a short one today - yes you've guessed it, I'm dead keen to get back to my Keyword drilling! :-)

If anyone has any ideas regarding this new affliction of mine - and how (if?) I should try to put some form of control on it, I'd be much obliged to hear from them! :-)

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Labman Premium Plus
If you have activated Google analytics and Google search Console, you can go into the console and see what keywords Google has found for your previous content.
George W E Premium
Hi, thanks for that. :-)