I was afraid that this might happen!

Last Update: April 28, 2020

Hi all out there in WA land! :-)

Well, I was afraid that this might happen one day and I'm sorry to have to report that it appears that it has - sooner than I would have expected too! I've tried not to let it affect me; I've tried hard to concentrate on just one thing and to work with that one thing in a structured, logical manner, but alas, it HAS happened and I'm really annoyed that it has!

So what am I gabbling on about?

"Headless Chicken Syndrome!" that's what! Please let me explain...

I've become aware over the past couple of days, that my focus with regard to my chosen niche has been fluctuating somewhat. Though still writing content for the niche within which I'd finally(?) settled upon, I've found myself considering other options and doing Keyword research on those too. I've been drifting off, looking at sites which promote these other products; searching for potential affiliate options within them, inwardly formulating 'great' lines of copy and - in reality - not getting far with anything at all! What I would class as typical headless chicken syndrome!

Initially, I guess I kidded myself that such research was good, as it gave me a break from the day to day 'slog' of creating masses of content for my chosen topic. But I'm sorry to have to say that it has now started to affect my main work!

I'd decided to have a day off today; to write absolutely nothing and to give myself a chance to recharge my batteries and regroup my thoughts. As you can see from my writing this blog post though, even that hasn't worked out as I'd hoped!

"Shiny new object syndrome!"

As with depression - where one can suffer with several forms of the illness at once - I find myself 'suffering' from more than one distraction as I attempt to build out my website's content.

As most of you will be aware - maybe many of you have already experienced it - shiny new object syndrome relates to a person's being distracted by the latest, greatest 'thing' out there!

In my particular case, headless chicken syndrome and shiny new object syndrome, have - I'm almost ashamed to say - taken a twofold grip on me, manifesting themselves in my inability to concentrate on one specific niche and really get into that along with distracting me with things that are - so the advertising would have me believe - virtually guaranteed to make creating a website ridiculously easy. If only, eh!

"Bullsh*t baffles brains!"

With its origins attributed to the Military, what this term basically means, is that if one puts out enough seemingly positive and apparently knowledgeable information about something, then the person being given that information cannot fail to be impressed!

I suppose to a certain degree, that anyone involved in selling - as we are for example - will, from time to time, be guilty of using such tactics. Hell, we all know that sometimes, unscrupulous sellers thrive on such methods!

In my case, I feel that the combination of the two different though linked 'syndromes' have brought me to a point where I'm seriously considering whether or not this affiliate lark is really for me!

One day reality hit me - hard!

This may seem weird, given the area of business which I'm trying to break into, but historically, I've never had much 'time' for sales people! :-) As someone with a 'skill' I suppose I've always looked down on people with no such skills, who have to eke out their livings 'conning' others into buying things which - more often than not - they have absolutely no part in creating! Does that make me a snob? LOL

For instance, I can recall in a previous life, how the Snap On tool dealers used to come to the garages in which I worked. Shiny vans; shiny (almost smarmy) salesmen - pushy too - it was enough to make me want to puke!

Then one day - a few years ago now actually - reality gave me a great big slap in the face! That reality came in the form of a mantra that the instructor teaching a course I was on when he said "Buy something; sell it and make a profit - and put it in the bank!"

That simple phrase shook me to my core and made me realise just how stupid and naive I'd been for all those years previously! I finally realised that just about EVERYONE is a salesperson; yes, even me!

Okay, so I've always said that I'm so poor at selling, that I couldn't sell a lifebelt to a drowning man, but then I thought 'Hang on a minute, every time you've gone for a job interview, you've been selling - yourself! So what's the difference then?' Hell, what I was doing could almost be called prostitution, I mean - selling my skills for a fee!

So from then on, my views on selling have changed. I'm still not a massive fan of the process - but I see now how essential it is in the grand scheme of things! So, fellow WA members, I ask you to forgive me my previous sins and further ask you to be gentle with me if, at times, I seem to make silly statements or ask seemingly stupid questions - I have a lot of catching up to do!

In conclusion then...

As I said above, I have a lot of catching up to do in order to get to a point where I am able to reconcile myself fully with the whole selling 'thing'. I have changed my views greatly over the past few years as you can see - but I know I will need to make even more yet. I guess time will help me do that, eh?

So then, the next step?

I reckon a few - until the weekend (no longer) days 'off' from my labours, during which I'll re-jig and revamp my present online website, then starting next Monday, I'll come back - with a proper plan this time - knuckle down to the task in hand and make maximum use of the training in order to achieve actual, reachable goals! I have a couple of ideas that I feel really will be workable as niche sales areas and I plan to concentrate on those to the exclusion of ALL other distractions. So, no more looking for the latest, greatest - I'll work with what I have!

My sincerest best wishes to you all
George. :-)

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Come back in a couple of days with a fresh perspective and you'll do alright, my friend!

George W E Premium
Hi Jeff and thanks for the feedback. I firmly believe you're right! :-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thank you, George!
Brko Premium
Two years ago, in Bruxelles, I attended the congress of the European Association of Communications Directors. One of the keynote speakers addressed this problem as Nextopia. He constructed that term from two words: Next & Utopia. He explained that a lot of people are constantly craving the sensation of NEXT BIG THING (or shiny object as You described it). And just before they reach it or develop it their adrenalin is down and they become unhappy and continue to dream about NEXT Utopia in their life.
George W E Premium
Hi Brko, many thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated. :-)
megawinner Premium
Awakening, enlightenment, acceptance, and being fully honest as you related the debacle of your misconceived notion of selling has come plain and simple on your face and mine as well. True, it needs all of these to be able to forward and upward our journey to something we really wish to achieve. I admire the articulation of your predicament. Just keep moving and don't stop, see you at the top. We can make it, George. Change your niche if you must better now than later.
George W E Premium
Hi there,
Many thanks for your feedback; I really do appreciate it. :-)