Help needed:How to build a list and build a downloadsite including a paypal paybutton?

Last Update: May 13, 2014

Hello everybody, I am writing an e-book not yet finished.

I want to build a paypal pay-button connected with a listbuilding-database and a possible download-button for the purchased if payment has been done.

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judebanks Premium
It is as Guy (giludi) explained. There are plugins, but you don't need a plugin.


See Dom's training below. Although he prepared this in 2012 on how to do a Free Download, he explains how to upload your ebook to your website so that it can be downloaded by your customer.

The difference is that you will send your customer to that page only AFTER the customer has made the PayPal payment. So you will want that page to be a hidden page on your site, not visible in your menu.

Dom's training

He also provides a link to his lesson on creating an email list.


Your Paypal Button and Download Page should be located in two separate areas of your site. You will want to ensure that your customer pays first and after payment is confirmed is then redirected to the product download page.

Log in to your Paypal account, follow the steps there.

There is a demo on the page below (click "demo" to view it and "next" to scroll through it)

Make sure that you add the correct link to your download page in the Paypal form field. It will take the customer to the ebook download page after the payment has been confirmed by PayPal.

geofrid50 Premium
thank you very much this is waht I was looking for since weeks, but about some holidays, family affairs etc. I alwasy was distracted to get to the end.
Thousend thanks again!! ;-)
giludi Premium
There are some free and some paid useful wp plugins, but as I use Aweber for my list and autoresponder, I can't give you any advice what's the best for you.
You can use a paypal plugin and to download your ebook you create a page (not putting in the menu) where you put the link to download your ebook. You upload the ebook in your media library and use that link.
geofrid50 Premium
Thousend thanks. I will try to do so, but I have to finish the main work- e-book. Great help from your experience. I alos will try to use Aweber. I have no experience with this tool.
Thousand thanks
Georg ;-)