I'm so silly.

Last Update: Jul 14, 2020

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I'm so silly but yesterday I had 9 people view my site. That may not sound like much of an accomplishment to you but I have only been doing this with WA for 2 weeks and each day I get so excited when I see people have viewed my site. 9 is the highest number so far. Now if I can just get some referrals and some more traffic, I will be in heaven. I know I am being unrealistic right now since my site it so new but every little bit helps.

I had a friend look at my site today and she gave me a few pointers on some things that could be updated, etc.. I was grateful for her to take the time to help me since she is not in the program. I know what you all are thinking (get her in the WA program). She isn't the type to be patient enough to put a site together but each day I am trying to chip away at her so maybe one day she will be in the program.

Anyway, back to my 9 visitors. I have looked today and there are no visitors who have come to my site and to me that is a let down but I must be grateful for the 9 yesterday. I am grateful each day for any traffic I get to my site and hopefully if/when Google will pick me up, I will have some more traffic to visit my site. I just wanted to share with you how silly I was yesterday on being so excited to have those 9 visitors to my site.

I hope you all have a great day and I'm back to training for the day.

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9 nine visitors is huge. Every day I hope for a million clicks. I don't always get them lol, but one day I might.
I believe in setting my sights high. I know some people think of it as setting myself up for failure. I see it differently.
In order to hit the big time you gotta keep your mind on hitting the big time. If all you're ever looking for is just a freaking even that's all you'll ever do. You mentioned being unrealistic, but I don't think you were being that way at all.
We are in the business of getting traffic and sales, we're supposed to think of that as well as think big about it.
So come up with a number you may think of as silly and perhaps even unreasonable ( I do this all the time) and then just go for it. While you may not get it right away you are on your way.
You're now starting to envision life not as it is, but what it could be. Sorry for raising your bling a bit. Uou got this .


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I sure need it right now. Awesome post!!
Best wishes,

That sounds fantastic not silly at all. Keep up the great work

Hey Gina Davis I started in June also I think the indexing is all about the name of the site I’ve got two now that have been indexed and I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing if I could I give you one site I would please reply

Your buddy holly

I have only been doing this for 2 weeks so I am not an expert at all about anything to do with indexing or how Google picks up your site. It would be best to ask your mentor. I would love to be able to help you, but I just dont have the expertise right now. I hope you find someone who can answer your questions.
Best regards,

Keep on going with the great work you have many more sooner


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