The Money Isnt Just In The List

Last Update: Aug 23, 2016


We are in the, what I call, Golden Age of the internet. This phenomenon is part of our everyday life now and we better dang well get used to it because the internet is here to stay…likely forever. Internet marketing is the real deal right now. It’s the great equalizer. A huge number of people prosper in this field, including people in this community, earning millions of dollars every year.

What’s more interesting is the fact that some of the most successful internet marketers are just regular guys, living from pay check to paycheck, struggling to take care of their family’s needs. However, they discovered the massive opportunity of doing business online early on. Just like any other business, the key to succeed in internet marketing is to gather a considerable amount of leads that you can sell to.

You need a solid customer base—one that will help you earn the desired income that you want. In short, you need build a list. A lot of people claim that “the money is in the list;” it’s not entirely true. This is just an industry slogan painted as fact and as a selling point for online marketing products.

If that’s the case, then the richest people in the world would be “spammers.” They have millions, if not billions, of leads in their lists. On a daily basis, they push different products and services offers down their prospects’ throats. You all know there is no happy ending for spammers.

So if the money is not in the list, then where is it? Some say the money is in the relationship you build with your list. That is true; if you have a solid relationship with your marketing leads, selling to them will be a hard thing to do. In fact you can build a lasting business with them as they will become your loyal and repeat buyers. However, how do you build a lasting relationship with your list?

Remember, these people are not your friends. They do not know you. They do not trust you because you only exist in the cyber world, and they are all aware of the scams running online.

So it is established that the money is simply not in the list. It is in the relationship you build with your list, but it is still not clear how to build trust and relationship with them. Well, the money is actually in the value you provide to your list. It builds a lasting relationship of trust and goodwill.

Many marketers, both in the online and offline setting, still think that deceptive sales and pressure selling are still the “key” to succeed in business. It is no longer the case. People are now exposed to vast amounts of information with only a click of a button.

You are not fooling anybody anymore. So the more successful approach in today’s marketing set-up is to let your prospective customers know that you are exactly the right person that they are looking for, the person who can solve their problems or their pains in life. You can only establish that if you can immediately provide value and results to them, and that is where the real money is!

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Thanks for the insight, sounds interesting and I will focus on what was written.

great post and right on point thanks

Yes indeed! Appreciate you!

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