5 Steps To An Actionable Blog Post Schedule

Last Update: August 18, 2016

5 Steps To An Actionable Blog Post Schedule

Step One: Commit To An Amount Of Time

Running a blog is a lot like a job—you need structure and a pre-determined amount of hours to work each week. This will help you get in the habit of regularly producing great content.

My suggestion is to spend at least 10 hours on writing—maybe 15 or 20 if you really want to make your content stand out. These numbers give you enough time to produce the most compelling content.

The biggest benefit to a publishing schedule is that you’ll systematize your blogging efforts. You won’t have to think of post ideas every day. Instead, you’ll map out what you want to say on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Ultimately this helps you create a tightly focused site that’s full of compelling content.

Step 2: Commit to 2 Most valuable pieces of content per month

Want your blog to get lots of traffic?

It’s getting harder and harder to compete in the blogosphere. Really, the only way to compete is to create killer content on a regular basis. Your core strategy is to create the most valuable blog posts every two weeks. Expect to speed up to 10 hours writing these articles. That’s an average of 5 hours each week.

Write these posts as if you’d sell this information. The only difference is that you’re actually giving it away. Remember to mix things up. Don’t fall into the trap of producing the same content every month. In other words, if you’ve recently posted a numbered list, then do a case study or an ultimate resource.

Step 3: Commit to 6 filler posts per month

All of your articles don’t have to be extra long. Sometimes readers appreciate a short post that’s filled with actionable content. While you are creating your “killer content,” the rest of your time should be spent on filler posts.

Remember, these articles don’t take long to create. You can crank one out every few hours, so it’s not that hard to write 6 (or more) filler posts each month.

Step 4: Commit to a publishing schedule

Add these posts together and you’ll average 8 per month. Sometimes you’ll do more and sometimes you’ll do less. The important thing is to set a goal of 8 and try to stick to it.

The best technique for generating content on a monthly basis is to write them down in your publishing schedule. Here you’ll track the articles you’ve written plus the posts you’re currently developing.

A publishing schedule is easy to create. Just open up a spreadsheet program and create a column for each of the following:

  • Date: Write down when the article will be published or when it was written.
  • Keyword: Choose a primary keyword that you will target.
  • Type of content: Look at the list of 19 article ideas. Pick one that best fits the theme of the post.
  • Notes: Provide a few sentences on the general idea of the post. Then include any important pieces of information that might be important in the future.
  • Link: Include a hyperlink to the article. This is important when you’re talking about his subject in another post and need to provide a quick link.

Step 5: Commit to blog post development

The biggest benefit to a publishing schedule is that it helps develops future articles. Some blog posts are like “mini projects.” This means you’ll need to rely on other people to publish it in time.

For instance, here are a few things you might need to do:

  • Outsource content creation to a freelance writer.
  • Get a response or a piece of information from another blogger
  • Create a special offer or affiliate link to a product you’re promoting.
  • Design images or get screenshots of a concept you’re explaining.
  • Record multimedia content that provides additional value to the reader.

Mapping out content is what separates A-list bloggers from everyone else. Use a publishing schedule and you’ll have a system for writing blog posts that engage readers.

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