Mermaids Beauty

Last Update: December 08, 2018

Ever thought about mermaids beauty? Why are they considered beautiful? They have no business to, if you really think of it, half of their body is fish and covered in scale, and fish and scales are usually not considered haute couture.

Besides, the fish tail has replaced the legs of women, which sometimes are deemed their most attractive body part.

Then why have mermaids been able to drown men with their fatal charm? But fatal in more than one way, to be fair: men have died, but mermaids may not have fared better. For even as they are said to have risen from the sea and seduced the men with their beauty and singing, in Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story, The Little Mermaid, who fell in love with the human prince, first traded her voice for human legs and then also gifted her life to him.

Nevertheless, mermaids remain irresistible, particularly to men, and now to little girls, after Disney reinvented The Little Mermaid. But why?

Possibly because of Nature’s mathematics. With their abundant hair, shapely human torsos, and a shapely tail bifurcating into shapely fins, mermaids replicate the magic number Nature gives to beautiful bodies: the right waist-hip ratio. And in a mermaid, the ratio is repeated, once more at the tail.

Watch Marilyn Monroe in her white dress in The Prince and the Showgirl for the nearest human approximation.

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This is good and interesting.
GeeEss Premium
Thanks for your feedback.
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
GeeEss Premium
marmar463 Premium
I don't know if Mermaids even exist the real world they only exist in fantasy and in stories. Yes, they are very beautiful creatures but it is hard to say if they even exist.

Now there have been stories about their existence by men who have been in the waters. I don't know to believe these men. I am not saying either way because I don't know for sure.

Corann72 Premium
It is the fantasy that is unrestrained that gets us every time! It is imaginative yet captivating... There is the psychological need or urge to fulfill the dream or fantasy. Hence, the mermaid.
We must see our beauty within ourselves and not compare it. This Blog has my mind thinking and I love it!!!
Our imperfections are what make us unique! The vision of the mermaid in her unique form is what makes her stand out.
What if we became the mermaid in the sense that we held onto our unique qualities and continued to grow into what makes us valuable and yet beautiful as well. We can think as though we are and right now I am standing in the mirror smiling at my reflection.

Thank you so much Gee for such a beautifully well written Blog. :)
GeeEss Premium
Thanks, Coreen for showering your love on the article.

I agree with you. It is the imperfections which make us unique and attractive.