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December 20, 2018
This gives me great pleasure to share with you that just now I have reached a milestone of having 200 followers in Wealthy Affiliate!I know this might be very small figure for 99% of the community but I live life celebrating small joys!A note of thanks to all my followers. Wish you all the best!Please do not hesitate to give me a buzz in case you think I can be of any help to you! Cheers!
December 08, 2018
Ever thought about mermaids beauty? Why are they considered beautiful? They have no business to, if you really think of it, half of their body is fish and covered in scale, and fish and scales are usually not considered haute couture. Besides, the fish tail has replaced the legs of women, which sometimes are deemed their most attractive body part. Then why have mermaids been able to drown men with their fatal charm? But fatal in more than one way, to be fair: men have died, but mermaids may n
It is true that obesity is a huge problem everywhere now. But one fallout of our increasingly health conscious times is that we have demonized fat.This is also not right, which is also being proved more than over. All the foods that were banished from our plates – ghee, butter eggs -- have made a dramatic comeback as super foods. Fat is good for you.Researchers can't make up their mindsIt seems that no particular food can be proved to be good or bad conclusively, as one day eggs are back
Are you in the process of building your website? Is your website almost ready for launch? Have you launched your blog recently? Remember, thousands of new sites appear on the web every day. That's why you want to make sure your website stands out and shines from the beginning. Here you will find some of the very essential settings when you build WordPress website. Please ensure ticking the itemwise checklist of the things you must do before launching your WordPress website.Just remember, here
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There are thousands of the plugins available in the internet which extend WordPress to do anything you can imagine.You probably have a number of such plugins on your site, but does your WordPress blog have the essential add-ons? does your plugins increase the loading time of your website? Do they hamper your user experience?Let me help you to find out The Top WordPress Plugins for Bloggers that will improve user experience of your site and facilitate WordPress administration tasks.These plugins
So many of my friends have been asking me about how to create a Gravatar account so that they can use it for their website. Are you like one of them? Feeling confused? Don't worry it is very simple and a Gravatar account can be created in just 6 steps. Interested? Then let's go and create your first Gravatar account....1. What is a Gravatar?An "avatar" is an image that represents you online, a small image that appears next to your name when you interact with in websites.A Gravatar is an avatar
It gives me great pleasure to share with you that just now I have completed Level 3 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program. I was able to learn so many things in a short span of time that too at my pace of learning. It was a great experience.Not that I was a complete novice when I chose to join Wealthy Affiliate. Just to share with you, I already had a running blog and tried my hand at creating two Shopify stores and another WooCommerce store using WordPress. Both the Shopify stores w
November 12, 2018
Hello Friends,Finally I am ready!Steps taken till now:-I have been able to select my niche after a number of brainstorming sessions. My niche is not a narrow one but is quite broad. However, using this niche I think I will be able to maintain my enthusiasm for much longer period and will be able to contribute more on a weekly basisZeroed down on 3 domain names and finally was able to get one of them!I have purchased my own domain after searching various domain providers. Shortlisted a few based