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Last Update: Aug 30, 2019

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We all of different visions of what we want to achieve for ourselves when we join Wealthy Affiliate. The one thing I think we all are looking for is to change ourselves in a direction that is beneficial to us and not another employer.

When I began my direction was not clear at all!!! In fact, I had no clue where I was heading. I had to systematically try many things to learn what I did not want to do. For some people like me, learning what I did not want to do was a great accomplishment so that I could move forward and get clarity.

Starting a new way of life for some is clear, they have the skill set that they can apply or use in their choosen Niche. So what do I mean by that? We all have something that we are involved in or something that we are passiionate about. For me that has always been the Hospitality field. But, I also love technology.

Several years ago I gave up my Travel Business because I really needed more tech skills to be competitive in the market place. Now, with the skills I have learned and will continue to learn here a WA I have decided what my next website will be and I can again move forward to ensure I my retirement plan is actionable.

I am still going to Manage the Lodge I currently work with, but I finally found or reawakened my Passion!

I am looking forward to revirtizing my old friend "Travel " it has been an industry that opened many doors in the past and I know it will again. Today everything is computerized and I have spent the last year learning and incororating these new skills to my vast arsenal and I am confident moving forward that I will achive success.

Wishing you all great success in what ever you choose to embrace for the next chapeter of you life!

Please remember to have fun!

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Thank you Joes946, the fact that I keep going back for more makes it a No Brainer! Thanks for your support!

Congrats...great decision. I worked in travel for over 60 years as a tour operator, so I understand. You will do the right thing, I'm sure.
Best wishes for a great success.

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