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February 29, 2020
It is hard to believe that I have been utilizing WA for 3 years already.I am always confident that I can do anything since I have the use of WA's wonderful training modules. I find that like any other tool if you do not use it everyday I need assistance in remembering some of the steps that I used to create and make chenges to the websites that I manage.Thanks for your help in my success!
August 30, 2019
We all of different visions of what we want to achieve for ourselves when we join Wealthy Affiliate. The one thing I think we all are looking for is to change ourselves in a direction that is beneficial to us and not another employer.When I began my direction was not clear at all!!! In fact, I had no clue where I was heading. I had to systematically try many things to learn what I did not want to do. For some people like me, learning what I did not want to do was a great accomplishment so that
The answer is very simple, Yes!I currently have taken over running a Hammo's Lodge in Hensonville, NY The Lodge was built in the 1870s, nestled in the Catskill Mountains between 2 spectacular ski slopes. Hunter Ski Bowl was recently acquired by Peak Mountain and it about 15 minutes from the lodge. Windham Mountain & the picturesque Town of Windham is under 5 minutes away.So you're asking yourself why am I telling you this, right?Along with running the day to day Lodge, Pub and Restaurant d
February 05, 2018
So back at the end of Dec. I started having issues with Google ad words, analytical, ad sense and Amazon. Amazon said that the sales that I made were not coming from my web address, then where were they coming from? Anyway they shut me down.Google can run my ads and direct people to my site but they are not able to verify my website? One of the ads I had been running disconnected in Dec and I believe that is where it all started, but who knows? So the engineers at Google are and have been worki
So, today was another one of those Aww Haa days, like so many here at Wealthy Affiliate.I was stumped, frustrated and fed up!Yes, that wall. I could not remember how to add a sidebar affiliate link. I am usually very organized, but I am in the middle of a home renovation and find the devil is in the details.So here I stayed, procrastinating. Unsure of how to proceed. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I believe that I should absorb the training the first time!Well, I am glad even old dogs can le
Morning,So I have tried to reinstall my Gtag for analytic and Webmaster tools and it will not verify...urgggI must be missing something, it was working now it s not. Any advice would be appreciated!Gloria
January 08, 2018
So I Never sleep, at night!Somewhere it is someone's day ..Proof is in the Pudding... some one signed up tomorrow..... Today!Good Day Mates!!
I felt like this is a topic worth discussing for all of those who are still in hesitation mode. I know I spent far too long waiting for some sense of security when it when it came to making a commitment to another program. I was skeptical and tired of investing time and money in programs that offered little to no training with get rich promises that are both unlikely and unbelievable. I imainge many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate struggled with the same or similar issues.I started with the fre
Hoping that we all can take a minute to welcome @Families3, our newest fellow member! I remember being very excited about joining Wealthy Affiliate. The knowledge that I was taking my life into my own hands was both scary and wonderful. Hope everyone has a profitable weekend!Gloria
I just want to take a minute to welcome @Guatemala202!We all know what a great first step it was for us to join Wealthy Affiliate and I hope that @Guatemala202 enjoys our training and community!Good Luck and let us know if you need anything!Gloria