Am I Still In Love With Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: February 27, 2019

The answer is very simple, Yes!

I currently have taken over running a Hammo's Lodge in Hensonville, NY The Lodge was built in the 1870s, nestled in the Catskill Mountains between 2 spectacular ski slopes. Hunter Ski Bowl was recently acquired by Peak Mountain and it about 15 minutes from the lodge. Windham Mountain & the picturesque Town of Windham is under 5 minutes away.

So you're asking yourself why am I telling you this, right?

Along with running the day to day Lodge, Pub and Restaurant duties, I have also taken over their website building for the Hammo's Lodge. The good news is already taking bookings activly! Technology in the mountains can be daugnating. But, the truth be told, I couldn't remember all that it takes to set up a healthy functioning websites.

So happy that to have the WA Traing Program Resource!

With that said I do still have my first website here at WA which has a small residual income monthly. I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have not been caring for her in some time. I always had a long term plan and clearly understood website building would be a crucial part of what ever comes next.

Been stopping in to use the training that in WA to my advantage. Love having learning tools at my finger tips so I never have to stay stuck in one place. WA is a wonderful resource no matter how you utilize its knowledge banks to achieve your success. For me it works in many different situations.

I am grateful to have found WA and I will continue to learn and grow with all your help!

Thanks for reading this!


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