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Last Update: June 01, 2019

Today has been a pivotal day in my life and my son’s.

He is a high school senior, or I should say he was. He graduated on the 1st and is now planning his future.

For me, I managed to get my first commission from WA. It was less than 20 bucks, but I was excited to have that email telling me I had been paid.

I now have 2 referrals and it seems neither of them are doing much right now. I am keeping tabs on them, however, so we shall see what happens.

I have gained a fan in an indie author I have done 2 reviews for. We recorded a live interview and she was so excited by my reviews she has promised me I will have exclusive access to future releases.

She has a reading group over 400 strong on Facebook, plus a Twitter and Instagram following.

So hopefully, my traffic will pick up soon and I may start seeing commissions from the affiliate links I have on my site.

The author also suggested I offer my services as a book reviewer to other writers who need some mentioning to bring attention to their work. I am looking into that, because I love to read and any chance I get to do so is a bonus.

The biggest happening this week was my son’s graduation. He has struggled with Celiac sprue, a chronic, debilitating illness all of his life. The fact that he was able to overcome all of that to make it to this day just makes so me proud to be his mother. I have spent a lot of today in tears, and none of them have been shed in sadness.

My boy is becoming a man and I look forward to him leaving his mark on the world.

Every milestone is precious. Every success is worth celebrating. Don’t get so busy that life’s sweeter moments slip by you.

Don’t just exist. LIVE.

We only get one chance to do this life. Do it with delight.

Gwendolyn J

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FKelso Premium
Good one, Gwendolyn. Your son AND you are to be congratulated. It always helps to have family support in your endeavors, and I am sure your son is very glad to have you near.

And, you are so right...don't just exist; live. I love it. I do try to do that every day, and because of it, my life has been very rewarding. Thanks for the nice post.
Thomashowar1 Premium
thanks for sharing Gwendolyn
Babou3 Premium
Congratulations for all this great events!

Have a great day!
j52powell Premium
That's tremendous! Congratulations.