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Last Update: August 22, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am going to put on my site a "Friends and Links page" I got this idea from a WA members site

The idea being is that i put a link of your Website on this page and you put a link of my website on your page.

If you want to do this,please "Private message" me with your link and what your site is about,and maybe we can all drive a little more traffic to our sites.

If you think this a crazy idea,please let me know.


my best wishes to you all,


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GazFinch Premium
Thanks for the reply, i am going to look in to it, it didn't even enter my head it could be viewed as promotion.

best wishes

IGIMarketing Premium
Gary you might want to check the rules link because I got my communication privileges removed just recently because I did not realize I had broken the rules. I am still learning but from what I just read, your idea might be viewed as promotion. I may be wrong, as I said I am learning, but I would not like to see anyone else make the mistakes I recently made. Blessings!
hildacbg Premium
I like the idea Gary. One section of my website recommends to quit smoking. Blessings.