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September 12, 2014
Hi everyone, I thought it would be nice to add all my WA friends to Facebook. So if you have a Facebook page,and would like to add me as a friend,please feel free on this link I will of course add you as a friend in return. Have a brilliant day everyone, best wishes Gary.
August 25, 2014
I found out this morning that one of my pages is on the second page of Google. This has made me very happy,and given me the urge to keep putting content in my site. Problem is nobody has clicked on adsense yet,but early days,got to keep at it. best wishes Gary.
August 22, 2014
Hi everyone, I am going to put on my site a "Friends and Links page" I got this idea from a WA members site The idea being is that i put a link of your Website on this page and you put a link of my website on your page. If you want to do this,please "Private message" me with your link and what your site is about,and maybe we can all drive a little more traffic to our sites. If you think this a crazy idea,please let me know. Anyway, my best wishes to you all, Gary
Hi all, I decided to write this as i joined WA on 12th July 2014 and it is nearly a Month since joining. So what have i done. I went through all of the training and i have got my own Website up and running.I got my own domain name and transfered it my site. I started to write content,but i know i have a got along way to go yet,before i start to make money. I also put on my site Google Adsense and i joined Amazon as an Affiliate and i now have an Amazon search b