The road to success is paved with failure

Last Update: March 29, 2018

Hey Friends,

I remember the 18th of this month when I wanted to insert few images on my already published blogs. It so happened with an article by Carson on unlimited images available to WA members, that I rushed to give it a try. From a long time I wished to share my website link with my e-mailing list, but in absence of images I was not sure to go ahead. So the activity seemed relevant at the moment.

The Stumbling Block

After reading few articles and blogs on how to insert images, I was not getting clear picture on how to really do it. May be there was something I was missing. I was able to insert image on new template but on already published really did not happen. The days passed with increase in my anxiety of not able to do it.

I tried Live Chat, The training on the topic, asked questions on the portal. I received good response too, but was not getting the idea. It was so annoying as well as funny at the same time. I wished to build an empire and was stuck on a silly doubt. Maybe it happens at one time or other with all beginners. But what is the solution of my problem, I was still wondering. It became a real BLOCK for me and I stopped all my activities on WA portal just to research the answer of my problem.

A window opened in the dark room.

Then after 05 days on 23rd, with little clues in my hands, I decided to pen down whatever I learned on this topic and to see what is actually missing. I wrote full procedure step by step, it was like opening a window in the dark room, and suddenly everything became clear.

I had a big laugh on me when I learned that we need to put our cursor on a point where image is to be published. So Simple!! It was like, yelling my 12 years daughter, ‘Whattt?? You don’t know 2 into 2 is 4”.

But I learned a lesson.

Sculpting my First Tutorial.

So whatever I learned in first 05 days and whatever I wrote in next 05 days ( a very slow learner indeed), became a tutorial with practical of inserting few images into the content. And here I am with my first tutorial on "how to insert images and screenshots to blog or post". This achievement may get unnoticed in blogging world but my friends at WA can understand how important every step is on the way to success. Its like earning my first penny. A few encouraging comments from my friends at WA motivated me to adopt the strategy to create a tutorial on every problem which is unanswered for more than 03 days of research.

Hope my story will lead to many good tutorials by the beginners as self-help product on WA platform. Thanks to entire WA community for instilling confidence during my first 06 months with Successful Leaders.

Warm Regards,

Gaurav Gaur

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viyee Premium
Thanks for sharing. We all learn from mistakes.
GauravGaur Premium
But as my father says- wise is the one who learns from other's mistakes. Thanks for dropping by.
pitofly Premium
Thanks for sharing. Will look for your tutorial. :)
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks for your gesture Pitofly. Please suggest the points where I need to Improve in the tutorial.
jared247 Premium
This is true. Thanks for sharing.
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks Jared.
Rich908 Premium
Failure is not a bad thing -
GauravGaur Premium
Wow- Failure is not a bad thing. You gave me an idea for my future post. Thanks for your motivation.
ClaudiaHB Premium
good for you - never worry about how long it takes you to learn something, it is the fact that you are persistent, and consistent that will get you there. Blessings!
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks for the blessings Claudia. I need a lot of motivation at this moment to remain persistent and consistent. Thanks once again.