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Last Update: May 17, 2018

Many times it happens that you land on Wealthy Affiliate platform with the excitement of writing new post and suddenly you find few notifications are aligned and welcoming. You open the door and find a series of community members who liked your work and just started following you up and it becomes your moral duty to thank, comment and follow them back.

Then you notice few people are asking for the help and luckily the topic is of your niche so you go ahead to give a helping hand to some but stuck with the problem of one person for whom you do not know the answer. There becomes the urgency to search for some training and you dive into research.

Before you start swimming in the sea of resources, a video tutorial catch your attention and you spend fifteen minutes watching the training. By the time you come back to the shore, few more notifications are waiting for you.

You suddenly realize that you have to complete your current blog for which keyword research was done before ten days and you also need to insert images in the previous blog published last week. Aah, you got exhausted and start getting bore, now there is no mood to write at this moment.What the Hack is this! How many of you come across such incidences and feel overwhelmed?

Yes, the caution overwhelmed feeling is given by Kyle and Carson in the beginning itself but the real meaning is understood when you take the excellent WA platform seriously and want to do a lot of things with unlimited resources of WA.

Many people who feel the time is less and there is a lot to earn, this feeling of overwhelmed state of mind creates confusion,increases blood pressure level and also the anxiety. So what should we do if we are under this state of mind?

Should we Quit ( Close the Site and start doing some other work) or Continue ( Keep doing what we were doing). At this moment I remember a quote by a wise person which says " if you keep doing the same thing which you were doing since centuries, you will be in the same position. So if you want a change in your life do something which you were not doing till now ".

Hence, in my personal view, I recommend to stick to either of the following two activities ( this is what I do when I am overwhelmed during WA activities, and individuals may choose what suits them the best as per their situation) :

For Beginners : Go to the Training Tab and start from a point where you left. This is the best thing for beginners. At this moment, shut all the windows of your mind towards any distractions. Just focus on one training or one Video Tutorial or one Task after training. Soon you will be able to manage all the activities with ease and enjoy various aspects of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As you start gaining confidence, you will no longer be overwhelmed with WA activities but wish to dive more and more into the sea of vast learning resources.

For Experienced : Write a Post for your Website because we are here to develop our website for Financial Freedom / Satisfaction for becoming authority on our niche, so we can create success stories to pay the community back.

Lastly : I highly recommend to make Daily Progress Analysis on a simple excel sheet with 05 columns : Date - WA Rank - What you learned - Tasks to DO - Remarks.

I will be sharing in detail on these points in upcoming blogs. Till then enjoy the moments at WA. Don't get overwhelmed with the resources but Learn to swim with new techniques. Just Flow with the Flow.

if you agree with my views or want to suggest more creative ideas please share them in comments below. Like it and spread the love.

Yours in abundance,


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BhavanaP1 Premium
This was a good post Gaurav! I've been here for about a month now and do struggle with time management. I am working on the WA review and am trying to do research on it to get all the information I need to put into that post.
GauravGaur Premium
Hope you are doing Great, Bhavana.
Looking forward to your Blog.

Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
JamieHumbert Premium
This is exactly how it goes for me each time I sit down to write and log in to WA. It's nice to know I'm not alone lol. I'm still trying to implement some sort of timed schedule. For instance, 1 hour of research, 1 hour of writing, 1 hour of training, etc. I'm still following along the training, so there's times I'm listening to training while multitasking. Other times I have to watch every second of the videos. I've been a member for less than 1 month, but I'm able to spend on average 3 hours a day 6 days per week. When I get frustrated I turn it off.

I defiantly need to start a task sheet. Thanks for the great post.

Jamie Humbert
GauravGaur Premium
If you are able to spend 03 hours per day on training, then it's excellent. Majority of us who are not full-timers to WA, it becomes difficult to cope with the time. But you have time leverage with you so it is an added advantage. All the Best Jamie. See you on top.