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Hi WA Warriors,Wish you all a very Happy Holi – the festival of colors and unity.In India we celebrate Holi with lots of enthusiasm, colors, sweets and Masti. An incredible festival of Incredible India – which symbolises victory of good over evil.Holi is associated with Inspiration and Happiness in our lives. Each color of Holi represent the happiness and sorrow , ups and downs, Success and Failures and how we face these extremes in life and how we enjoy them by playing with colors.
Hi WA WarriorsIt is special day for me at WA as I received a chocolate on Valentine'd Chocolate Day by none other than Kyle and Carson themselves. Actually it was a congratulations mail from Kyle & Carson on approval of earning 10 Training Cash Credits, that means $ 5 straight for my chocolate (LOL) . The amount may seem to be small to the new members but how encouraging it is for me. My old pals at WA may sense my excitement.So finally I can announce that the system at WA works. It all d
October 01, 2018
Do you remember when was the last time you was called on the stage to get an appreciation, a shield of achievement or a badge with ribbons and your name popping out of it ? I got many such badges in my school for various achievements and few in my career life. But the last badge I received was a total surprise for me here at WA.Just few minutes before I was busy welcoming a new member when suddenly a window popped up announcing " You have just earned a Dedication Badge! ". It was like WOW.I too
I remember the quote of a famous publisher - Reader's Digest Book Club, " The most amazing thing a person feel is when he sees his name in print on the top of a book ( or any media for this sake)". I was 14 years old that time and my father was the member of Book Club.Now after 28 years, I happened to see the Post by Kyle on personal domain - - was so excited with the idea and the deep rooted thought that I jumped on to purchase m
Many times it happens that you land on Wealthy Affiliate platform with the excitement of writing new post and suddenly you find few notifications are aligned and welcoming. You open the door and find a series of community members who liked your work and just started following you up and it becomes your moral duty to thank, comment and follow them back. Then you notice few people are asking for the help and luckily the topic is of your niche so you go ahead to give a helping hand to some but st
Hey Friends,I remember the 18th of this month when I wanted to insert few images on my already published blogs. It so happened with an article by Carson on unlimited images available to WA members, that I rushed to give it a try. From a long time I wished to share my website link with my e-mailing list, but in absence of images I was not sure to go ahead. So the activity seemed relevant at the moment.The Stumbling BlockAfter reading few articles and blogs on how to insert images, I was not gett
Tomorrow we have festival of Colors in India. Its called Holi. The festival to celebrate when Good wins over bad. We play with colors and throw color water and balloons on our friends and no one is supposed to say sorry but have fun and enjoy. I feel the same at WA when we get comments on help that make few tense moments easy, the research within community posts reveal the gem of understanding, sometimes make us laugh on our self that we got stuck on such a silly doubt and finally end up becomi
I was surprised to get the notification that my website is indexed on Google-world's number one search engine. I do not know on which page, but I am so happy to earn the badge by WA. It is the first step towards my success path and I believe to reach my destination very soon. This badge gave me a new motivation and also the responsibility to achieve next Big Success very soon. Thanks to WA and the Community to help me reach hand in hand for the very first success in Internet Marketing.
This week I completed Phase-1 Chapter-10 of Boot camp and during task I was asked to REWARD myself . So here I am...I rewarded myself with Black Friday Opportunity to save big bucks on Yearly Membership. I feel it is a big step by going Premium as I am really e serious about Internet business. I have unlocked the full membership at Wealthy Affiliate and welcome all the new members to make use of Black Friday Opportunity. This is the most exciting time. LOL !