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The One Thing You Need To Understand About Net Neutrality The fight to save the Internet as we know it hangs on what seems like a technicality: Should Internet service providers (ISPs) be treated more like telephone companies or like email providers? The policy wonk term for this issue is "reclassification." You might think it doesn't matter, but it actually makes a huge difference. The question of how ISPs should be classified lies at the heart of the current debate over net neutrality, or
WOW...I did a major gaffe last night and managed to set up a redirect loop....and, yes, I was locked out of my login screen. Just have to say that the WA support team is on their job and got it all resolved in under 15 minutes. So, newbies, take heart.....these guys are behind us all the way! If you glitch something up, they'll take care of you....QUICKLY. Thanks guys - really appreciate the help. Suz