WA Commission Rates

Last Update: June 27, 2016

Hi fellow WA members.

I was searching for the official WA commission percentage rates and I couldn't find anything. I wanted to advertise these rates on my website so I worked them out. Here they are if anyone else wants to know:

Premium Member - 47.87% (Approx 48%) = $22.50/month

Starter Member - 23.94% (Approx 24%) = $11.25/month

These are based on referrals paying $47 per month premium fee. Please remember that the first month bonus signup is only $19 so all commissions are less for the first month ($8 and $4 respectively).

People quite often prefer to know the percentage rates rather than the actual commission amounts. Hope this helps some of you out.


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Ecowarrior Premium
Thanks for the figures! Cheers, Lisa
With-Kev Premium
The hanks Gary. Good to have these matters cheers keV
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)