A Well Deserved Break!

Last Update: Jul 11, 2016


Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new week here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I wanted to share with you my renewed motivation to push forward. Last week I was struggling to find the inspiration to create effective content. I think it was because I was just exhausted!

Over the past few weeks I have spent countless hours here at WA and working on my websites. I have no problem with that because I am loving it. However, I didn't realize how tired i had become until I lost the motivation to continue.

On Wednesday last week I decided to shut down my computer and promised that I would not restart it until today. Well I cheated slightly and checked a few emails, relied to some comments and even stopped to help one or two of you guys out a couple of times (I can't help it Lol).

Anyway, the result of this break has given me renewed energy, inspiration and motivation. Content is pouring out of me like a raging river!!

It just goes to show, sometimes you just need to stop and take a rest to move forward.


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Thanks for the comments everyone :)

It gets tiring and then rest and do it again.

Yes Garý.. sometime we feel tired looking at screen for hours.. better shut down all one time and start again later when we feel good... hahaha..

How true indeed!

Thanks, Gary!

So very true Gary :)

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