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Last Update: August 14, 2013

Hello everyone

I am going to say that life is too short not to enjoy yourself once in awhile. I have been working for 28 years now and there was a time when I would have done anything for my job and employer until they decided that they no longer required my services. Just before that happened I worked as a service rep for an process analyzer company servicing the Oil and Gas industry. For 3 years leading up to my dismissal our group would compete on how much OT we would get through the year. The average OT for each of us was around 1100 to 1200 hours a year. The average worker puts in about 1,920 hours per year and that is with out holidays and stat holidays and in that case would be somewhere around 1,750-1,800 hours. My top year in that 3 year period was 1,450 hours nearly 2/3 of the total average hours per year. When the day came to let me go I was devastated and didn't know what I was going to do. Ii was young and that was my 1st job. Well I had sued the company for wrongful dismissal and got a years salary out of them without going to court. I had decided then that I would spend time coaching my sons Atom hockey team instead of working It wasn't that I didn't want to work yet but I could find anything at the time. It was about 3-4 months after the layoff that I woke up one day and it felt that a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. What I soon realized that it took me that long for all the stress I was under to finally leave me. I was quite lucky as considering how stressed I was that I didn't even know it but I managed not to get very sick as a result. I I know too many people that I have worked with over the years you don't take the time to relax and have to and find themselves on the wrong side of life. It is amazing what Stress can do to an individual, heart conditions, weight gain, diabetes, and the list goes on. That layoff happened in 1995 and I have not looked back since that day as I decided there and then that life was too short not t have fun. I started a WORK TO LIVE policy and went on holidays as often as I can never work OT if didn't have too spend more time with my family. By the way that hockey team I coached in Atom that year went on to be triple champions that year and went undefeated as well. I have spent nearly 17 years coaching Hockey and Soccer for my kids mostly and enjoyed every minute of it. That is the sort of thing that I am talking about finding ways to relax and enjoy life.

I am taking a chapter out my life and on this coming Monday I am taking my daughter who is 16 horseback riding for 1/2 A day in Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I haven't ridden a horse for over 20 years and my daughter hasn't ever. This is something that she wanted to do and I am a truly looking forward to the time with her in wide open fresh air. Later next week will be hopefully taken a few days and go camping in the mountains as well.

So these are the sort of things that I love to do and now that I am part of WA I want to make those days more frequent.

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wtbee2013 Premium
wanna hear all about it when you get back ; O)
movingon Premium
I love this Gary! Colorado has some great country. I've always loved horses but haven't ridden for years myself. You have a great attitude. Thanks for sharing.
mwatkins Premium
Gary, really enjoyed this. I was in law enforcement for about 27 years, worked as a private investigator and now work as an insurance investigator. I know what you mean when I retired from the police force it took me about two months to realize how much stress I had been under all those years. i absolutely loved being a detective but I realized my whole identity was wrapped up in that job. Even though I still do investigative work the level of responsibility I carried then was amazing. Now I take time to meditate and have explored other parts of me. The thing I got out of this is I am happy I did what I did, but I am also happy to keep growing and changing.
Gary F Premium
Hi MWatkins, Thanks for sharing and the one thing that everyone should realize is that they have to love what they do and change is Inevitable. Once I was laid off the first time I made sure that each and every position I got was better than the one before and that worked very well for me. Well I hope you are enjoying your time in WA.

Take care

Shields Premium
Sounds like you have a life now, and that is great. Hope the horses know what they're doing. ;-)
Gary F Premium
I have sort of life now and I am working towards a better one that is for sure. We are going to a well know Horse Ranch near where we live so hopefully the horse know what they are doing. Either way it will be a fun enjoyable time outdoors I am sure
cm8719 Premium
I can definitely relate to you. I was laid off after 31 years. After all my hard work, it difficult to be told you're not needed anymore. That was almost 3 years ago and I love staying at home and doing the things I want to do.
tassaace Premium
Good for you choppydo! After a quick flash back through my past life (amazing how they linger in the brain cells), I totally agree. Life was meant to be much more than the 9 to 5 caper. The more meaningful things you get involved in, the better. Just last night, I viewed a site called Newsmodo where you are invited to pitch for a story on any topic and write about it. Well, I signed last night and guess what, I was invited to pitch so I pitched and submitted my pitch and am now waiting for the feedback. That was awesome and I feel better for having done it!
choppydo Premium
Definitely work to live! That is what entrepreneurship is all about IMO.