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Last Update: July 26, 2017

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Gareth Cook and I am brand new to this community (as well as online marketing in general). I've been an educator for 13+ years and am looking to supplement my "meager" paychecks in order to provide my family with a better way of life.

I was inches away from joining up with the AWOL crew, but all of the upselling both waived numerous red flags for me, as well as put me waaaay out of my budget zone. However, I feel welcomed here in this actual community, and look forward to starting from the ground up to truly understand what it is I need to do and ultimately utilize my skills to help start up my business (whatever that may be!).

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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@RICH. Premium
Hi and welcome, Gareth, here's wishing you every success! :)
GarethCook Premium
Thanks, @RICH! I hope all is well with you also! :)