And I Just Can't Hide It

Last Update: June 18, 2010

Fellow WAers,how are you?

2 minutes ago i finished this blog post and before i clicked the "Save button", i have logged out of my account and lost the data i have written so far!Arghhhhhhhh!Anyway...

At first, i wanna thank you all for wishing me about my birthday last week!I wish you all the best to you and your families!And as the Greeks use to say "Health is above everything"!

Secondly, i am just making this blog post, just to share my excitement with you all.I am so excited the last few days,although i haven't made any sales yet-that's logical from the moment i haven't set up any campaigns yet-because:

a)I love being part of the WA family and i am proud for this fact.Learning new stuff,others mentoring me,helping my self new members.

b)Everything now starts to make sense.I keep learning new stuff and understand better stuff that i was taught in the past.

c)As most of you know, i am crazy Greek guy so i am not a native English speaker.But since my first post a month ago in the WA forum, i now tend to even THINK in English!I ve become much more fluent!

d) I have met great girls and guys in our community!Great soon to be partners!Helping each other!Thanks everybody!

I won't try to get you bored reading this post!

So thanks again everybody for reading!Thanks for helping me!Thanks for mentoring me!Thanks for being there for me!I really appreciate it everybody!You know who you are!!!!! :)

Your crazy Greek buddy :P


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mb65nel Premium
All the Best Dimitris :-) You're enthusiasm really comes through and makes me smile! Thanks.
jatdebeaune Premium
It's great to have you here Dimitris.
ana_nimoss Premium
Greeks always had a lot to offer....ask my 9 year old and she will tell you about Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and yeah, Marathon and Olympics. We will be visiting Greece one day, once they master their history lessons. But, really the world is gone global...Iron Maiden, seriously!
Sherion Premium
I just think you are crazy. I am glad to know there are others crazy like me. Best Wishes.